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Thank you!

FFD has officially hit the ONE MILLION views mark here at RMN recently! Really humbled by that! I always knew we were making a kick-ass game, but fan-games usually don't hold that distinction, and I'm happy you guys have stuck around for so long!

There's tons of work to be done on FFD (like, actually tons), but it's so close to being at the point where we can quickly build a lot of the game world. Back to work for me. Thank you again!


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No sir, thank YOU for your efforts developing this game! It's always a treat to see an update on this.
Its been great seeing this project come along and all the moving parts come together. Hell I was even blown away by the demo that I think was like 4 years ago now where Mid goes up to fight Gramps in that tower of zot style dungeon and gets his butt kicked by bahamut. I remember being very impressed by the dialogue from those scenes, but you seemed to think it was garbage lol.

I feel like that was pretty much you setting the course from that point on. You post, people are all over it saying 'AHHHH SO PRETTY!!!' and then you say:


Good luck in your continued perfection of this game, I'll for sure be watching it til the end, and then devouring it in short order upon release.
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