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Finalized battle HUD.
  • WCouillard
  • Added: 08/18/2013 05:25 PM
  • Last updated: 06/17/2024 06:55 AM


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Updated the code to support a wider resolution specifically to add more space to the battle HUD. Now the character command window will pop a little to the right, so it doesn't cover anything important anymore.
Widescreen! Awesome! (How wide is the screen?)
The HUD looks like taken straight from Final Fantasy VII: nice!
You the practice of self-promotion
So, I am assuming that extra space in the right hand size of the characters info is to be able to display the 8 or so statuses, right?
Can they have more than 7 statuses?

Entirely possible. Negative status effects take priority over positive ones, though. It will always show the bad ones first, so the player will almost always have a heads-up on what status conditions need to be cured.

I basically entered the priorities like so:

Death: 100
Negative Status Conditions: 99
Positive Status Conditions: 98
Special Status Conditions: 97
Hidden Status Conditions: 0

Special and Hidden refer to status conditions that are part of scripted battle events or Paradigm effects.
Oh I like that because id rather see whats hurting me so i can fix it than whats helping me more often than not...good choice :D
You the practice of self-promotion
So the death condition is supposed to show a status icon?
So the death condition is supposed to show a status icon?

No. Death has no icon.

The Death state is a little special, in this case. No ability in the game actually applies Death. Enemies and players can apply "Instant Death" which automatically then applies Death. It lets me make sure enemies and players can be fully immune to Instant Death and still apply Death with scripted events if I need to.
You the practice of self-promotion
Oh, I see.
Yes, of course. It also resets the Limit Break gauge and ATB gauge back to 0%.
Yes, of course. It also resets the Limit Break gauge and ATB gauge back to 0%.
Very nasty. ;P
Very nice work here. I am liking this!
SE certainly doesn't know how to make a proper HUD nowadays:
Absolutely disgusting. Not to mention how they treated Terra...
the original sinn
This absolutely beautiful!
So looking forward to try this.
Updated on 11-18-2014.

We decided on a more modern look, inspired by later FF entries like FFXIII. We may still adjust things here, but it's basically a finished look.
That's an awesome look!
Does the staff-and-blue-light icon stand for a "Magic Up" type status enhancement? I assume that the icons are temporary?

If I could suggest a little thing: FFIV:TCC has this pretty way of colouring numbers for current HP and MP green when they are fully healed (in other words: either HP and/or MP is full). That's be nice.
I might do that, actually. Right now, the gauges serve to show the player how full their HP/MP is, but I might still add the color thing in, too. I updated the screen again, after I gave the gauges their own specific color backgrounds. Inspired by FFXIV, that was. :D
Hmm... I think it almost seems too colorful now. I think I preferred the one right before (a la 13) without the 14 influence. I'm interested in what others think though.
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