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Lyra absorbs an enemy spell with her new Runic command.
  • WCouillard
  • Added: 11/10/2014 10:28 PM
  • Last updated: 07/01/2022 05:08 PM


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Yes, it functions the same as it does in FF6, restoring Lyra's MP in an amount equal to the MP cost of the spell she's absorbing. Her old command, Treatment, has been given to Ashe as her command ability.
Noel approved.
I hope that the road to #DecemberGoal is looking bright.
It's really coming along. #DecemberGoal was always just that, a goal. If we don't make an actual release in December, then I guess #JanuaryGoal is gonna be our new thing to look forward to. I've definitely done a TON of work these past two months on improving the game and killing bugs. Of course, I can't wait for everyone else to be able to experience it, too.
Things are a bit backed up on my end (I'm still sick) but I'm hoping Thanksgiving week will give me the requisite free time to try and get back on track. We're still quietly looking for people who can sprite. There's a few artistic elements that may or may not make it into the next demo. It'd be a great if they could, but not terrible if I have to put them off until later. (There's 1 particular thing I want to try that's extremely ambitious but in no way on the top of my priority list) If we're at a particular place where the demo could be markedly improved by #DecemberGoal then I'd rather opt for #JanuaryGoal solely for the three whole weeks of no work/holiday vacation time that I can spend fine tuning and finishing up some of the lower priority graphic assets. But we'll see.

Regardless, like William, I'm excited at the thought of people experiencing the new demo. It's like a whole new game.
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
I am so pumped to play this game, I really hope your #DecemberGoal is reached! This game is like half the reason I still come to this website.
#DecemberGoal FTW! Cheers! *\o/*
Is the element of wind present in the game?
Is the element of wind present in the game?

Yes it is. The FF Aero spells are present.
Aero, Aerora, Aeroga, and Sylph's Whispering Wind are some of the wind-elemental attacks usable by party members. There are a few more sprinkled around.
I don't know if they are part of that skillset in the new build, but in the first and RSW 2013 demos Aero was part of the White Magic skillset (obviously, it was one of Vicks's abilities).
Can she potentially lose MP if she is hit with an element she would normally absorb?
It doesn't work like that, no.
Aero, Aerora, Aeroga, and Sylph's Whispering Wind are some of the wind-elemental attacks usable by party members. There are a few more sprinkled around.

Yes! I'm thrilled that both water and wind are present. It's just that Whispering Wind is a bit on the weak side, Pandemona would be of greater use...
Let's not assume. How do you know how weak or powerful any skill is in this game? Just because it's underpowered elsewhere doesn't mean it is in FFD. :P

Most of the elemental summons have a power level somewhere between a tier 2 and tier 3 elemental spell (so Ifrit would be a bit stronger than Fira, but not quite as powerful as Firaga). The exceptions are most likely going to be Alexander and Diabolos, who would be stronger due to the limited options for Holy and Dark elemental magic attacks.
I was always annoyed by the strength of summons in most FF games. Once you get the most powerful elemental spells, the elemental summons aren't needed any more. I would think that Ifrit would be useful for the entire game, but I suppose a formula that would be useful for the entire game would be pretty hard to come up with. I guess it bothered me since summons were one of my favorite things about the games.
Here's how I got around that: the elemental summons apply their respective elemental weakening status conditions (Ignited, Frostbte, etc. with 100% accuracy (meaning they do increased damage against enemies vulnerable to those status conditions by default).

MP costs are also something to consider. While Firaga costs 50 MP, summoning Ifrit costs only 24 MP, and deals only slightly less damage.

Fire's spell power: 20 (4 MP cost)
Fira's spell power: 60 (20 MP cost)
Ifrit's spell power: 90 (24 MP cost)
Firaga's spell power: 120 (50 MP cost)

These are the values given to spells to calculate their damage potential (factoring in other stats like Mag.Power).

So you see, you're getting a summon spell at +30 spell power over Fira for only 4 MP more than Fira. The MP cost difference between Fira and Firaga is 30 MP, for 60 more spell power. The difference between Ifrit and Firaga is 26 MP, for 30 more spell power. You could summon Ifrit twice for 48 MP cost (2 MP cost less than Firaga), and have a total spell power of 180, which has a much higher damage potential than Firaga itself.

In fact, repeatedly casting Fire would output higher damage than one casting of Firaga, when the same MP costs are met. You could cast Fire twelve times (total 240 spell power) for the amount of MP it costs to cast Firaga once. It all comes down to "do I need to deal big damage in one shot, or higher damage over the long run?"

Factor in the potential to increase the damage output of any spell (Focus, Faith status, applying Mental Break status, Relics) and the weaker spells can match the higher tier spells easily. Regardless, using an elemental summon to apply an elemental weakness is never a dumb choice, even if the damage isn't higher.
I see. Thanks for making the elemental summons usefully even after you get the level 3 elemental spells.
Will there be any focus items or relics that focus on increasing summoning damage.
Will there be any focus items or relics that focus on increasing summoning damage.

Focus items do not give effects like other gear (unless you're at level 99; in which case, no). Ellie has a Paradigm that increases damage dealt with Ultros' Splashdown attack.

The Focus status condition applies its effect to ALL magical attacks (all Aeons included) and Wedge has a Paradigm (Magick Projection) that allows him to apply Focus on allies, rather than just himself.
Ok. That's pretty clear. That Wedge paradigm sounds freaking fantastic though.
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