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Media Madness Month: Fan Fiction - The Childhood

Well, this is little story set before the events of Final Fantasy Discovery, on the island of Mideel which lead characters are Vicks and Wedge (although Wedge has more character depth than Vicks, I didn't really intend that). It is a loose story which is based on the story that Vicks and Wedge tells when investigating the well in Mysidia for the first time.

And now...please enjoy. ;) (it's freaking 2,400 words!)

It was a warm, sunny day in Mideel: birds sang, old women were tending their tiny gardens, kids were running wild like bucking broncos, and men were working hard with lumbering. On the beach, a brother and a sister were playing: the boy had short, disheveled black hair and was wearing purple T-shirt and crimson shorts, while the girl had long, blond hair and was wearing blue dress.

'You're doing it again!', the little girl shouted at her brother who just stepped on a sand castle.
'You destroyed my sand castle, you imp! Seventh today!', the girl was very mad at him, she could hardly stop her tears.
'Come on, grow up. It's not like a sand castle will do any good.'
'I'll tell mom!', a tear dropped from her emerald eye and she ran off. The boy didn't seem to care about her.

He went to a pier few hundred yards from the town and when he got there, he sat down on a bench that was there.
He against the mighty Ruby Dragon. He would be just a lowly soldier under the command of King Edgar, wearing iron armour and wielding a longsword and a buckler. The dragon breathed fire from its big snout, but he guarded against it with his buckler. He charged at the dragon shouting 'For Burmecia!'. The dragon stood on its back feet and he stabbed the beast straight into the heart which wasn't covered by scales. He won.
'Daydreaming again, huh?', a soft female voice pulled the boy out from his thought.
'It's you, Vera', the boy said. 'Thought it would be my mom and good-for-nothing sister.'
'You shouldn't talk about your family like that, you know?', the long, purple hair of the girl were waving on the wind.
'I'm thirteen, I can say what I want.'
'You seem different from your family...like you are out of a fairy tale.'
'I don't care.'
'You shouldn't. There are others that may be worried about you.'
'It's not my problem', the boy said, then knelt at the edge of pier, took some water into his hands, and threw at the girl's face.
'You're mean!', she shouted at him. 'But...', and she ran away.

Few moments later, the boy's sister was coming towards him, but she wasn't alone: a blonde woman with fit figure was at her side, wearing yellow blouse, and green skirt; the look at her face didn't give the impression of gladness.
'Wedge, you pesky rascal!', she started harshly. 'How many times do I have to tell you to not destroy you sister's sand castles, and not only hers!?'
'They don't add anything interesting to the bio', the boy replied.
'Uh...Last week you torn up my dress, a week before that you let oglops into Mrs. Loire's garden, and a week before that you broke Mr. Strife's sword! There's not a week that you don't do anything bad! What do you have for an excuse, young man?', the woman was very angry making her face turn beet red.
'Maybe I'm a demon of destruction or something like that?', the boy answered.
'I had enough of your bad behaviour! The whole town talks about you and how feral child you are!'
'Am I the only thing that people can talk about?', Wedge was very irritated when the woman said about people gossiping about him.
'You're coming home right now, and no paltering!', the boy started to head home with his arms folded. 'Now, have fun, honey! Dinner will be about in an hour so don't be late.'

Half hour later...
The little girl was making yet another sand castle, eight today, because of her troublesome brother. The castle was a rather cube in shape, but had four tall towers at each corner. The girl wanted to add fifth tower in the centre, a much taller one than the four previous ones, but she hadn't had such tall pail. Then she decided to call the castle a name. 'Maybe after the princess from Lord Avon's play?' she thought. Suddenly, something in the water moved and the terns that were swimming in the flew away. The girl turned around and a purple octopus jumped out from the water and landed in front of her.

'Tee-hee-hee!', it laughed evilly. 'I guess that luck smiles to me today! What a pretty little girl, you are. What's your name?', it asked, but the girl turned around and started to walk away, but the octopus was quicker and blocked her way. 'Am I a mean octopus, eh?'
'G-go away!', the girl cried. 'I-I don't know you!'
'Oh, where are my manners...My name is Ultros, an octopus royalty. At your service.'
'Wedge!', the girl shouted loud. The octopus abducted her with his tentacles and started to head out into the ocean.'
'Not on my watch you won't!', a male voice could be heard in the distance. It was Wedge. He was wielding a metal rod in his right hand.
Ultros sped up, but because he was holding the girl, had fewer tentacles to move with, and he was an octopus after all, Wedge caught him up and hit the creature with the rod causing it to loose balance and releasing the girl.
'Quick, hide somewhere! I'll finish this off!', he said to her.
'I...I wanna fight too!', she replied.
'But you're a girl!', he said.
'Owch! I hate muscle-heads like you!', Ultros regained balance and was striking his head to lessen the pain from the fall.
Wedge rushed on the monster once again, and hit it once again, and the octopus howled once again from the pain. Ultros got mad and started to wobble with its tentacles and yelled:
'Taste some royal ink!', and dark substance spread from beneath it, but the two somewhat evaded it.
'You're mean!', the girl threw a stone at the creature which turned to her:
'Why you attack Uncle Ulty, pancakes? I just wanna make you feel good.'
'Hey! Watch how you address my sister there, you invertebrate! An 'uninvited invertebrate' I dare say', Wedge said.
Then Ultros jumped up a few times and water bubbles appeared from what one would consider his mouth and attacked the boy. Suddenly, girl's hands shone in dim, white light and heard a soft, female voice within her head: 'Your heart and intentions are pure. I unlocked the power to use divine magic which was sealed deep within your soul. The Lifestream is now yours to command.'
The girl turned around: not a single woman was within her sight, but that wasn't important right now as Wedge was bleeding. 'Is this what am I supposed to do?', the girl asked herself.
'Wedge! Don't go out on me!', the girl shouted. 'Cure', she said. It was the first thought that came to her mind; she recalled them from the visits of the mages of Mysidia who sometimes healed the wounded. Surprised by the effects of her words, Wedge's bleeding stopped.
'How you–?', Wedge started, but the girl interfered and said:
'We have bigger problems now, big brother!'
The octopus suddenly hit the girl with its massive tentacle.
'You son of a submariner!', Wedge shouted and like his sister, his hands also shone in light, but in the contrary it was dark, or rather black. A male voice addressed him: 'You fight bravely, Wedge. I unsealed your power to command Lifestream to be able to use some black magic. Use it to protect your sister.' Wedge looked around: he saw only his sister in a grip of the octopus, but not a man who could spoke to him a moment ago.
'Power...to command the Lifestream?', he asked himself. 'Yeah, magic might be effective that little critter. Hey, your royalty', the boy turned to the octopus, 'you wanna know something shocking?', he asked.
Ultros scratched his head: he didn't expect a kid so mean to call him a 'royalty'.
'I see you finally start to recognise my superiority, muscle-head.'
'Nope, sorry', he replied, and added: 'Thunder!' and a lightning bolt stroke the octopus causing him to release the girl once more.
'M-magic!? You used m-m-m-m-m-magic!?', Ultros was shocked and started to escape into the ocean.
'No you don't, mister!', the girl shouted at the monster. 'Aero!'. She remembered that the white mages that healed the wounded sometimes dealt with the flying creatures which were highly susceptible to the wind magic, although she didn't really know how an octopus would react to it.
Much to all three surprise, Ultros was thrown into the air: that was the perfect moment for Wedge to cast a spell.
'Fire!', he shouted, and the octopus turned beet red. When he landed he quickly ran into the water, gravely sobbing over the 'insult on the octopus royalty'.
'What...did we just do?', the girl asked.
'We used magic', Wedge replied.
'But how? I remember that my hands shone, and a female voice said about unlocking the power to use magic, but there wasn't anyone here beside us', the girl said.
'Your hand shone too? Me, however, heard a male voice, but that talk about giving me magic powers I heard seems pretty close to what you heard from your voice.'
'Something is not right...', the girl said.
'Let's...not talk about it to anyone, okay?', Wedge suggested. 'I don't wanna have more troubles than I have.'
'Okay...', and the left for home.

Few days later...
'Wedge, have you decided your future job?', a man with raven black hair and hazel eyes asked the boy. 'Your fourteenth birthday is just around the corner, your sister's too, and you know the law of Mideel: when you turn fourteen, you start to be a pupil of one of the villagers and the teach you about the job.'
'I want to be a soldier', the boy replied and the man laughed.
'That's the good one! There haven't been a war in centuries. There's no need for soldiers anymore.'
'So who do you want me to do?'
'Be a shopkeeper', the man replied.
'You're kidding, right? I don't wanna rot behind the counter until I'm sixty-seven!'
'You won't be alone. Your sister will accompany you.'
'I'm going out', Wedge said and left.

Wedge was passing the town centre where he noticed his sister at the well playing with the Cait Sith plushie.
'Hey, Wedge. Dad already told you?'
'Yeah, freaking great...'
'What's so wrong about being a shopkeeper? I mean, travellers come and go, buy supplies, and may sometimes share their stories.'
'It's not a job in my type.'
'Vera told me', the girl said. 'You wanna be a soldier. You daydream about', she smiled. 'I'm alright with tending the shop. It's not much worry.'
'What else did Vera tell you?'
'That you ruined her hair few days ago with the water', the girl giggled. 'It was horrible if you ask me and you actually did something good once.'
'She drive me nuts.'
'You're really edgy, Wedge. Hm...'Edgy-Wedgy'. That sounds about right', she giggled once again.
'Grr...', Wedge was angry. His sister was quite good at picking named for him. 'Fire!', he shouted.
The girl caught on fire, or rather the plushie, and she threw it into the well. Still, she got a burn on her left bicep. Then their father came:
'What happened here!? I heard someone shout 'fire' and thought the village is in flames.'
'She picked on me, so I cast an instructive spell on her', Wedge replied.
'You did what!?', the man was astonished.
'Cast a spell.'
'But...people can't normally use magic!'
'I...I also can use magic', the girl faintly said.
'You're lying, both of you', the man said.
'You need proof then?', the boy asked. 'Thunder!', and the lightning bolt struck stray cat. The man was startled.
'Cure', the girl said and the wound on her left bicep slightly healed up.
'The guardians of the Lifestream', the heard a deep female voice in the distance.
'Who's there?', the man asked.
'Don't you recognise me?', and the three turned and saw a woman with black hair and raven black dress. She was wearing an adornment on the head which seemed to have colourful horns.
'Edea', the man said. 'Long time, no see. What bring you here?'
'I came for some herbs, but I see I stumbled upon something much more important: children whose powers have been unlocked.'
'You know how they can use magic?', the man was shocked.
'Ah, yes. Magic is the gift of the Lifestream. But having the option to use magic, and being able to actually use magic, are two different things. The ability to actually use magic is unlocked through the surge of emotions. Wasn't it like that in your case?', she turned to the children.
'Y-yes', the girl replied. 'When I was out at the beach few days ago, an octopus attacked me, but then Wedge came running and saved me.'
'A monster attacked you!?', the man was surprised with each revelation he heard. 'And I didn't know that!? Why?'
'We didn't want you to worry', the girl said. 'Me and Wedge know how you are about those things.'
'It's not a good excuse, Vicks.'
'Brother-and-sister bond is what had possibly unlocked the power to use magic, the will to protect the other one. Was it that?', the woman asked.
'Yes, I believe so', Vicks responded. 'When that monster attacked me I called Wedge and he came running. He protected me.'
'Wedge?', the man turned to the boy.
'Did you hear their voices when they unlocked your powers? I mean the guardians?'
'I heard a woman, she had soft and warm voice.'
'I heard a man, he was quite cheerful and annoying.'
'Yes, that would be them. Not everyday they awaken magic within people, there must be something happening in the world.'
'What? Now, I'm gonna be a planet protector?', the boy said.
'You can, but no-one forces you. Well, till we meet again. You could go to Mysidia and train magic. I'm sure Elina and Oalston would be glad to have new apprentices.'

The woman left them. The man asked the children to return home and he was left alone in his thoughts. He didn't know what was happening. He thought what his wife would think about it and haven't had a slightest idea even though they knew each other for over twenty years.
'Then they'll be mages. That seems the best choice now.'
Try catching all the allusions! ;P


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A fan-fic of a fan-fic? Has science RMN gone too far?
Hehe. "Son of a submariner"

I had almost forgotten that line. Nice job.
A fan-fic of a fan-fic? Has science RMN gone too far?
Final Fantasy Discovery is not exactly a fanfic, it's more of a fan tribute in the form of game.

Hehe. "Son of a submariner"

I had almost forgotten that line. Nice job.
It seemed quite alrite to use it considering the creature's origin. ;3 But what was exactly the "nice job": usage of that specific line or a fanfic in whole?

Once Couillie makes more of the game, I'll write more fanfics I think.
Nice job in general. Lots of allusions. :)
Well, I just hope that the written conversation form is correct: the English written conversation form is a bit different from my language in that we use dashes instead of apostrophes, so in my language the beginning dialogue would look like:

– You're doing it again! – the little girl shouted at her brother who just stepped on a sand castle.
– What?
– You destroyed my sand castle, you imp! Seventh today! – the girl was very mad at him, she could hardly stop her tears.
– Come on, grow up. It's not like a sand castle will do any good.
– I'll tell mom! – a tear dropped from her emerald eye and she ran off. The boy didn't seem to care about her.
Words cannot express the LOL.

But those three letters do a good job. Also, I did not read this.
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