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Media Madness Month: Fanart of Vicks Farron - 'Party Aeris' outfit

Because every self-respecting loves Vicks Farron and agrees that she needs lots of love I decided as a part of my fan contributions for Final Fantasy Discovery draw Vicks with a new outfit. The new outfit is based on Aerith Gainsborough's Kingdom Hearts II attire with several of my personal changes and it's called 'Party Aeris'.
  • Vicks no longer sports her trademark blue hat and her hair is fully visible, also retaining the hairstyle from the official artwork.
  • Vicks sports a large bow in the center of her breasts.
  • Straps are present so Vicks would feel so uncomfortable while wearing the dress.
  • The skirt which is under the dress (or it's called something else) is actually influenced by Lenne's outfit and remind a bit of penguin with added lace (the horizontal and vertical lines).
  • The rather lazily drawn shows which are actually sandals.
  • The staff that she holds in her hand is actually based on the unused concept of a staff from Final Fantasy IX. Also, the staff is pointing the ground.


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Wait a second -- The Vicks in this game is a WOMAN!?!?!? :O

(I always thought it was a boys name...)

Nice fanart! Vicks' legs look a bit shorter than the rest of...her...body, but the rest of her looks nice. Good job, son.
As I said, legs were done rather lazely and I am no graphics pro, but thanks.
The weapon looks cool.
Thank Espritduo of FFWiki for uploading a concept art of it for Final Fantasy IX. Well, Vicks so amazing that I thought she needs a staff unique in design, like those that Yuna and Vanille has, and that design did it.
Nice job. I like the outfit.
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