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FFD Concept Art 01 - Cid Margrace


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Is he Cloud's brother? Or his alternate dimension version? ;P
Don't take me wrong: I actually love Cloud's Crisis Core outfit, so good job, Paul.
Thanks Noel! Heh, waaaay back in the day... the original costumes for the FFD cast were primarily based on their FF4:TAY sprites. This was before I joined the development team and before William and I decided to just go all in and get custom sprites done as well. This is why so many of the playable characters have undergone multiple drafts. It's been a big pain doing constant revisions, but I'm glad I finally have full creative control over the original character designs.

I went with the SOLDIER outfit simply because it matched Cid's original battler (take a look and you'll see the resemblance). Eventually, it just stuck. I think it actually suits him pretty well.
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