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FFD Concept Art 12 - Kelger Elmdor


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This is what you get when you mix FF4 Edge + Kakashi + Ryu Hayabusa + Big Boss + Strider Hiryu + Guts. Not very original, but I'm happy he stands out in his own way from the rest of the main cast.

And yes, he has a prosthetic left arm and right leg.
OH. MY. GOD. He is freaking sexy. I want him.

Also, silver hair, yellow eyes: that's one of Master Xehanort's thirteen Darknesses for sure. ;P
Also Edward Elric, for the prosthetic arm and leg ;o. But I like it! This is my favourite character :^DDDDDD.
We just spent a bit of quality time on recoding his abilities and Paradigms, too. :D
Pages: 1