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Coding this was fun!


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Is it bad I busted out laughing very loudly with that "Doink!" emote? I'm sorry that was great. How'd you get that to appear? An animation?
Yeah, just an animation that plays on the user at the same time as the skill animation on the target.
I'm kind of ashamed that I'm this happy to see that tonberries move in the old 'die, then reappear' way from FF5. there are probably better-looking options, but this style is really nice.
I actually have a smoother version halfway working, but I didn't have more time to carefully test over and over to make sure it moved to the exact screen positions I needed, so I saved that scripting to a different enemy and went back to the FF5 way for the video.

But in the end, it'll probably be the smooth, FF6 "move while slightly shaking" style. Perhaps I'll leave the FF5 version of the movement for the Tonberry King. =P
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