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Final Fantasy Discovery Boss Battle Test: Wing Raptor

In my attempts to replicate the functionality of the uniquely scripted boss battles of yesteryear, I decided to start out with some of the boss monsters of Final Fantasy V.

Wing Raptor is one of those attempts, and you can see he functions very much the same as he did back on the SNES. Wing Raptor periodically changes his form to a defensive stance, answering any incoming attack with Breath Wing, dealing Wind-elemental damage to the entire allied party. While he is resting, it will cast Cure on itself.

Next up: Wendigo and Omniscient!


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Nice job with this, I always love this battle in Final Fantasy V, reminds me the first time I played that game.
Did you write the script to recreate this functions or did you use some battle conditions?

It's easy enough to do, completely achieved by events within the battle.
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