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A short, two hour game in which you play in the realm of Shadowsong in the first installment of the Shadowsong saga! In this episode, you play as a man named Shill, who for some reason is surprisingly strong in the art of combat, soon realising this is because of his inheritance as one of the saviors of the first age. It's now up to Shill to defeat Diablia, the rising god of Stonehelm, a kingdom in Shadowsong, to stop the events of the first age from reforming.

We have a wikia to keep yourself informed with the happenings of the Shaodwsong saga! shadowsong.wikia.com in case you're interested.

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New update!

OK, I have actually preplayed the game three times before releasing this one, so I'm sure there aren't any completely game hindering bugs like the last time.

I also really want to start my own website where I review games; including RPG Maker games every so often, but mainly iPod games or PC game releases. The only problem I have is that I need to come up with a name. Any suggestions?
Have a nice week,



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All three in a folder but it simply will not open...advice please?
No worries, I'll sort it out. I'll update the blog when I'm done.

GoogleDocs won't allow you to download everything in a folder with one click, you have to get each file one at a time.
Nobody is going to download 250 files 250 times.

Put it all in one rar or zip file and upload that either to GoogleDocs or to RMN.

OK, that's all sorted. You'll be able to download it once RMN accepts it.

Gonna sub and gift your newest demo some feedback in a LT/review.
Only just got round to watching that :) really funny :P Advice will definitly be taken on board! Thanks.
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