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Chapter I - 100%
Chapter II - 100%
Chapter III - 100%
Chapter IV - 100%
Chapter V - 0%
Chapter VI - 0%
Chapter VII - 0%
Chapter VIII - 0%
Chapter IX (Bonus Chapter) - 0%
Chapter X (Bonus Chapter) - 0%


The Philosopher's Stone, an object of untold power that has been a part of many myths and legends throughout history. It is said to grant the user immortality and immense power; however, it has been lost to the ages for centuries.

The year is 2012. It just seems like another boring day in the White House until President Obama receives word that the White House is under attack from unknown intruders. Not one to miss a beat, he soon learns that the attackers, who come from another world, plan to overtake Earth and are searching for the fabled Philosopher's Stone. Obama knows that he can't let the aliens find the Philosopher's Stone and use its power to take over the world, so he ventures forth and begins a search for it himself that will take him to the far corners of the Earth, through outer space, and even the edge of existence. But they aren't the only players in this game, and the closer Obama gets to the truth, the closer the Earth is to its end.


The game primarily takes place on Earth, which is obvious if you've read the story section up there. It's the same Earth that we live on, so there's nothing weird about it or anything (like it didn't grow an extra continent). Unless you want a two month lecture on the history of the Earth and what it's like geographically and climatically, I think we'll just leave it at that. There are also other locations; however, such as in outer space.


Gender: Male
Age: 50
Personality: Energetic and positive (most of the time anyways), Obama is the perfect hero for all your adventuring needs.
Biography: He's the President of the United States. Need I say more?

Gender: Male
Age: It's really up in the air with this one.
Personality: Always happy and willing to help out, which is probably why he's stuck with Obama.
Biography: He's the last of the Time Lords and leads a life of adventure and time travel with his space ship, the TARDIS.

Gender: Male
Age: 47
Personality: Kind of serious and seems almost annoyed most of the time for being commonly mistaken as 'The One'.
Biography: He's an actor who somehow got wrapped up in this mess. He's almost definitely/definitely not 'The One'.

Gender: Male
Age: Pretty dang old.
Personality: More on the serious side, but courageous and daring, which is surprising for someone of his age.
Biography: He wrote Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, those books everyone has to read in school.

Gender: Male
Age: Who knows?
Personality: Polite to a point, but a bit arrogant when you get to know him.
Biography: The leader of the aliens, he commands General Guy and Balrog. Other than that he's a mystery.

Gender: Male
Age: Old enough to be a general.
Personality: He just won't shut up about tanks and all things military. He even talks like a military officer.
Biography: He is one of the three main leaders of the aliens. He commands Balrog.

Gender: Male?
Age: This thing can age?
Personality: Almost always in a chipper mood, he's bright and energetic, although not too bright.
Biography: He's a lieutenant in the aliens' army. He's a lunchbox of some sort. Or is he a toaster? Who knows.

A mysterious group of people. Just who are they and how are they involved in all this?

I've used so many sprites and tilesets for this (or I am going to, if I haven't already) that I'm not going to bother naming individuals, because then the list would be a thousand names long and the in-game credits would last 30 minutes. So here's a condensed version.

- The Charas Project as well as anyone who has contributed to the web site
- The Spriter's Resource
- Everyone who has contributed to the Newgrounds Audio Portal, you guys are awesome and have made some amazing remixes

Now for music credits. Not going to bother naming specific songs, just the people/companies who made them.

- Chronamut
- Genowing
- Link5549
- Reone662
- EliteFerrex
- Ivan-Ether
- Beartheshadows
- SteveO526
- NickPerrin
- TheBreeD
- Juguito
- Intero
- Vonyco
- Kuhneghetz
- apivotmaneh
- BakiTheFox
- Rdwilson
- MyVGworld
- shadowmario23
- Studio Pixel/Nicalis
- Square-Enix
- Nintendo
- Atlus
- Capcom
- Sega
- Whoever made the TARDIS sound for Doctor Who
- Looking Glass Studios
- Camelot Software

- Over 10 hours of gameplay (when it's completed it will, at least)
- A main story, which is separated into 8 chapters
- Locations such as The White House, Australia, Antarctica, Rome, Outer Space, and many more
- A traversable World Map of the Earth and the space around it
- Political Duels (one on one fist-fights between Obama and politicans)
- A few optional things to do, including an optional chapter and optional bosses
- An optional post-game dungeon that lays in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle

Latest Blog

More Song Error Woes

It has just recently come to my attention that there is yet another song that people are having trouble with. It's the Doctor Who theme, and it plays near the end of chapter 2, so as I type, I am uploading a fix for it that just takes the song out. If you're having the same issue, redownload the game and transfer your save over.

HOPEFULLY there won't be any more songs that have issues like this, but I don't know. Like I've said before, I can't tell if a song won't work on players' computers, since they work just peachy on mine, so just tell me if there are any more troubles, I guess, and I'll pop up a fix as soon as I can.

I don't know about anyone else, but I am so sick of this error and having to reupload the game because of it. The sacrifices we make for good music. So, here's hoping that this is the last of it.
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Are you going to be able to finish this before the election? Maybe you can singlehandedly turn the tides.
That's the goal, but I doubt it would turn the tides. xD
oh man i must subscribe this xd
Nice! I think ol' George W. should get a game too!
So Obama has to do battle with both aliens and republicans?

...Nevermind. I just read what I typed and realized they're pretty much the same thing.
When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
Obama is a piece of shit.
Nice! I think ol' George W. should get a game too!

I think George W. Bush has "Bush Shoot Out", though it's been forever since I played it.

Still, I can't seem to imagine Obama and McCain having a fistfight. It just seems like a poor way to settle political differences, since we elect politicians on their ability to argue (and/or convincingly lie) for their issues rather than their boxing ability.
to me this is just some typical comedy RM game that I've seen thousands of times but i actually like the incredibly mismatched graphics it has. something you don't see nowadays.
oh man i must subscribe this xd

And then me to.
First and only gamepage I clicked on in this year --> downloading!

Edit: Woah, 100 MB... dude...
author=Deacon Batista
First and only gamepage I clicked on in this year --> downloading!

Edit: Woah, 100 MB... dude...

That would probably be because the download includes the RTP.

If you guys would like I can also upload a version without RTP (if that makes it any easier for you).

Edit: Actually, forget it. I looked to see how much of a difference it would make, and it's only a few megabytes more with the RTP, so it doesn't really matter. Phew, 100 MB for only 1 and a half chapters worth of game? By the time this is done it'll be up to 500 MB (I hope not).
An error continues to pop up saying "not implemented" whenever it starts a battle. Do you know how to fix this?
I don't think I would know how to fix that, although I could certainly look into it. Is anyone else having the same problem?
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Obama is at critical HP!

Obama activates Limit Break!

Obama attacks with MITT ROMNISLASH and hits 12 times for 15781 damage!
Hahaha man!
I'm going to download it.
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