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Added Saigan's Let's Play Dragon Warrior Classic

I have added SaiganCat's complete series of Let's Play Dragon Warrior Classic video to the media section. Check it out!


Trailer Added!

The trailer has been added to the Media section.

Game Design

Updated screenshots

I have kind of neglected this poor page, so I have uploaded some much needed updated screen shots to more accurately depict the version available for download. Check out the Image section for the new screen shots.


Dragon Warrior Classic 2!

A RMN page has now been added for the the sequel Dragon Warrior Classic 2, now in progress. There is a demo now available featuring the first two hours of gameplay!

Check it out!

Progress Report

Updated Version

My apologies for not adding this sooner to this site, but I released an updated version a few months ago. The main issue this version fixes is monsters will no longer be able to put you to sleep in the same round that you wake up. Check out the download section for the update.


Dragon Warrior Classic Full Version Now Available!

After over a year of blood, sweat, and tears, the moment has finally arrived! The official full release of Dragon Warrior Classic is now available!

I have spent the many months since the last demo to further reproduce the style and look of the original Dragon Warrior, and although there are still things I would like to change in the future, I feel that I have capture the feeling of the game quite well and I am excited to bring you all a finished product.

Changes from the last demo include but are not limited to the following:

- Production Logo screen added.
- New opening title screen.
- Opening Menu changed.
- Text Box is a now more appropriate size.
- The King now recites EXP needed and the saving process is now identical to the original.
- Brand new Command Menu and Status Box featuring classic commands like STAIRS, SEARCH, DOOR, and TAKE.
- Running is no longer 99% effective (sorry but had to be done).
- The Classic critical hit SFX added.
- Radiant and Torches no longer permanent (again, had to be done :-P ).
- Repel and Fairy Water now work.
- Death process fixed. Bye-bye half your gold!

I hope everyone enjoys this game. Please spread the word about it.

You cannot transfer old save files from the demo to this release. It’ll cause you MANY MANY problems. You must replay from the beginning. But that’s okay because it is worth another play through with all the changes.

Once again I want to thank Jamiras843. It was because of all his help that many of these additions were possible. He took the time out of his busy life to help me when he certainly didn’t have to. You’re the best Jamiras843!!!



Dragon Warrior Classic Trailer!

Here's the official trailer for Dragon Warrior Classic. Keep an eye out for the release of the full version coming in September!

Progress Report

Update since demo 2.2 release

Hey everybody. Although I have just joined RMN, the last demo (2.2) was released a little while ago. There are many exciting things that have been added/reworked from the last demo and I just wanted to let you know what I've been working on the last month or so. First off, none of this was possible without the amazing help from jamiras843 from the Dragon's Den. And finally joining RMN has been a tremendous help so far. Here's SOME of the things I've been up to.

A much closer old school Dragon Warrior 1 menu system with functioning Stairs, Search, Take, and Door commands. All thanks to Jamiras!

Accurately sized text box in both map and battle scenes complete with text sounds. All thanks to modern alegbra's script.

Battle scene is still a work in progress but getting closer to getting rid of that annoying black background.

Once these and a few major improvements are finish, we will be very close to a first official release!
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