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Game Design

Writer Announcement - Future Helper Science and Magic Family Reunion War Cancelled for rewritten

Hello there this is MJM of Jomarcenter Gaming Studio. As of today 3/17/2017 We have decided to cancelled this game development under the future Helper Series.

but that doesn't mean everything is scraped and put into permanent storage but after reviewing the current story I have decided to removed the game from the future helper title to it's own series, Completely separated from the future helper timeline due to the fact that the rewritten timeline for future helper series have cause this game to be out of fit and would be a bit peculiar if it going to retain the series title.

currently I am in the middle in producing Jomarcenter gaming studio first commercial game series under the future helper name, then of course Town of illustive episode 2. So it will take some time to rework on the what it's remains.

right now the game is consider cancelled under the future helper name.

Further detail will be announce in the future.


Global announcement: Development halted due to technical diffculities

Due to some unforeseen event. All development of all of the game running "Rpg maker vx ace" Had been halted. And all announced and unannounced game release date had been moved until further notice.

the cause of the problem was the "Not responding" notice upon running the said engine was seen during development, And cause the engine to hang up upon running thus rendering the program useless at this point.

Until the problem is resolved development of all game under "rpg maker vx ace" is stopped until further notice.

were sorry that you all are anticipated to try out game demos and other games that will be release during the "Release something weekend", but this problem is unexpected. And also the first time that this kind of problem was happened with rpg maker vx ace product. (There are only 2 out of 2 complains that was having the same problem that was currently unsolved)

Again, Until the problem is resolved all development had been halted.

There will be no game that are up for cancellation during this crises.
and other games under developed running in a different engine are not affected in this crises.

And also if you have any ideas on how this can be resolved, I will be very grateful if you help out on fixings this situation.

Thank you for understanding this situation. And hope that this will be resolved at the earliest time.

Progress Report

Doing from the start! Version 0.1 RM(Remake). One year of FAILURE!

Unhapppy almost one year of FAILURE!
Well it been almost a year since "Seven Towers" Demo was release and was a failure (Well you can't change the past anyway). So I was checking the currently developing of the "Science & Magic F.R.W. (Family Reunion War) Game. And well it a bit disaster than the other game that I made(I blaming my excitement for this). Sad to speak I have to Remake the game from the start. And also I notice A ton of improvement need to be done. So after a Month of works I now getting to see that I really improved after a ton of feedback with the "Seven Tower" Game and going to be ready to show you what I have done with this game. But before I do this Let's me show you what I improved with some feature in this upcoming game.

  • Worst exterior Map Ever Created/Improved with new style of mapping.

  • Bad use of English/With a ton of reading English had been improved.

  • Cannot understand the concept of the story/Improved with new way of story telling.

  • Too much battle/Improved with a much lower battle rate.

  • Worst use of event/Improved with more practice with a test game.

  • Worst use of music/Improved through avoiding changing the music often.

Need to improve
  • Battle System

  • Other Misc stuff

If there anything I'm missing please pm me.

Look like that is out of the way, Now let's me introduced with some new concept with this new generation of the series. Which I like to called it the "1.5 Generation". Now a lot of stuff had change since the first game, But the first major changes was the logo:
Technically I was planning to create this kind of logo for the game but I got a little sidetrack to see if it fit to be used. It was a hard planning to design it but now it was worth it. Second off it the story. At first instead of playing it directly after pressing a new game. I change it to see the side story before the main game. Just like what you see in the teaser section on the main page. And also follow the main Future Helper motto which today I will reviled it in a big text.
The Future Helper Official Motto:
Know the past. Change the present. Into the future.
And now the third is the experience of the game. First the problem was everything from the story to the mapping. But that was fix in the later version until today. If I have the time I could prove you that a lot of changes to the game when the teaser demo will be release.

Oh yeah! before I forget. In the future Beta testing registration will be open. So stay tuned if the registration open. Since this will be a First come, First serve basis only. So hurry up if it open.

So that is about today update. And I hope to see you again next time.
Bye! :)


Jomarcenter games on Steam

Durning the development of future helper science and magic family reunion war. Steam/Valve had just open a new service for game developer called Steam Greenlight.
And in the near future. Jomarcenter games will be available via Steam with achievement and everything. but with some restriction.

(Note: those information are some of the game development rules for jomarcenter's games on steam it was not created by valve itself but jomarcenter was created those rules for user enjoyment this system is available for all games from jomarcenter)

the restriction:
- Use of the global network service(Coming soon) will be available via steam with some few restriction.

-some jomarcenter's games will not be available on steam.

the feature ONLY FOR STEAM USER!!!
- Because of the feature of steam it is possible for the global network muti-player system will be available you may battle anyone outside of steam.

- User can earn special achievement that other provider can't!

-and many more!!!

further note
here is some of the jomarcenter game will be available via steam
free to play:
Future helper: Science and magic family reunion war
Future helper: And the seven towers
Mystery manor series (from episode 1 to the final episode)

after each game developement the submission of thoese game will be process in every jomarcenter games provider (Like RMN) and also steam

we will make steam available with a lot of free to play games

jomarcenter games will not be affected with this announcement

for more info about this announcement visit steamgreenlight

Note: i am not advertisement any of the game but i'm trying to announce one of the game will be available to steam soon.

and also further announcement about jomarcenter games on steam will be posted via jomarcenter games official blog

thank you for your cooperation.

updates: due to valve had updated the steam greenlight with 100$ fee(what the #!@! is that!) because of that the "jomarcenter games greenlight project" was cancelled until further notice.

i know it kinda hard about it, but you know maybe that valve will find another way to do other ways.

so please disregard this announcement and let's just continue on with the old game distribution method.

thank you very much.


Author Messages to fans and also a special thank.

to dear fans,

Alright it been 5 month since the future helper and the seven towers release. so it time for an special message to fans.
alright it been 5 month of game release of the series and i would like to thank all of you who support the production of the game. i'm very appreciated it. During the development i found 2 Music composers, A artist to make some digital art for the game and a lot of people who help and support the game. Even on how bumpy the road that the series was ended up before the production wasn't stop even on how hard you throw the rock at me before. During that time a lot of changes need to be done just to started making the great games that you may ever love. And also to all the current beta tester who join the testing process of the game.

So thank you for all the help and support during the production,
and hope that you will try the games from jomarcenter when it will be released.

from jomarcenter
Developer of the future helper Series.


development status page added and version

alright there was no updates withing a few week from now. so here some of the updates for this game.
-currently testing of the new mini-game event system via separate game file which is not likely to be released publicly soon.
- new development page had been added to this profile page
this can help keep up on what i am doing every now and then without posting a blog every time there was a major updates in the game
- old jomarcenter games forums had been shutdown and new jomarcenter game forums had been up with a new forum provider you may visit it here http://jomarcentergames.forumtl.com/ (to admin if this link is against the rules just remove it)
-and also development had gotten slow lately sorry about that.
-and other updates that i don't want to talk about.

and here is the development updates pic.

thank you very much.


bullying Warning

i had it with all of the bad/bullying post and now i'm making this blog post just to warned you.

please take note since recent post made on the future helper series games
i will find a way to make sure that NO BAD/BULLYING POST ARE POSTED HERE.
may i also remind you about this

That's it.

No more mud slinging against this game; it's becoming a problem. It got old in April. We were all a kid once; I don't think we would've appreciated such perpetual douchebaggery. Anyone who posts a comment in this thread that is unrelated to constructive and relevant game feedback will receive a warn.

RMN is a place for constructive feedback. If a game is trash, it's trash; people will usually realize this shortly after release. We had our amusement and offered our feedback (however negative it is) and now it's time to move on. Besides, all this nonsense keeps bumping this game to the main page, and I would prefer the main page to have content made by more experienced users.

(And even if Jomarcenter is a troll, you're feeding him and encouraging future projects like this.)

i am discourage of bullying newbie developer like me and all the other developer in here.

and also KaRNoFeRoZ had pm me an apology
I'm sorry for being a total asshole. I shouldn't have said all those hurtful things about your game. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me

Apology was accepted and his action on what he made was cleared.

some user here are new in rpgmaker series and some of them are trying to work hard to make their games good. it take people month to master a certain programs so be polite to other and stop all this nonsense post.
thank you for your cooperation


Beta testing underway

I am currently finding beta tester for future helper science and magic family reunion war...
for beta tester will get
- special user mission test
- adding yourself in the game
- Beta tester collector edition*
- more stuff coming soon...

please post here if you want to join the beta testing
thank you

*Depending on the situation beta tester collection may or may not be available.
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