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Writer Announcement - Future Helper Science and Magic Family Reunion War Cancelled for rewritten

Hello there this is MJM of Jomarcenter Gaming Studio. As of today 3/17/2017 We have decided to cancelled this game development under the future Helper Series.

but that doesn't mean everything is scraped and put into permanent storage but after reviewing the current story I have decided to removed the game from the future helper title to it's own series, Completely separated from the future helper timeline due to the fact that the rewritten timeline for future helper series have cause this game to be out of fit and would be a bit peculiar if it going to retain the series title.

currently I am in the middle in producing Jomarcenter gaming studio first commercial game series under the future helper name, then of course Town of illustive episode 2. So it will take some time to rework on the what it's remains.

right now the game is consider cancelled under the future helper name.

Further detail will be announce in the future.