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Author Messages to fans and also a special thank.

to dear fans,

Alright it been 5 month since the future helper and the seven towers release. so it time for an special message to fans.
alright it been 5 month of game release of the series and i would like to thank all of you who support the production of the game. i'm very appreciated it. During the development i found 2 Music composers, A artist to make some digital art for the game and a lot of people who help and support the game. Even on how bumpy the road that the series was ended up before the production wasn't stop even on how hard you throw the rock at me before. During that time a lot of changes need to be done just to started making the great games that you may ever love. And also to all the current beta tester who join the testing process of the game.

So thank you for all the help and support during the production,
and hope that you will try the games from jomarcenter when it will be released.

from jomarcenter
Developer of the future helper Series.