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Game Guide

  • QilleRz
  • 06/18/2012 02:58 AM
Game Hints :

Cleve's House :
Talk to Cleve's father and mother simultaneously and after you talk to Cleve's mother for the second time you can go out from Cleve's house.

Boarding School :
Get to the back of the school and you will find a hole! :D

Village 1 :
Talk to Tewis, the one who waiting for you at the red carpet house to start the qualification preparation task.

Village 2 :
Talk to all villagers and complete only one medal to meet guardian of time but before you complete it don't forget to power up yourself or you will fail when battling with the guardian of time's pet.

p/s : Don't forget to face all the creatures appear or you will be transferred to training land because of your own fault for not facing the creatures.

Have fun playing! :D