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The "much" anticipated sequel to the Shadowsong trilogy is here. In this episode, you will still play in the realm of Shadowsong, though not in the kingdom of Stonehelm as you did before. In this game, you play as the new protagonist, Orion, in the kingdom of Dragonshore. You start the game with amnesia and slowly remember your past, your destiny and the future of the realm of Shadowsong.

Shadowsong 2 has been in production for about three months now and it's somewhat ironing out now. The current target completion date is at the end of August, though this is almost certainly going to change. There are many new features added since the first game, such as better mapping, extended storyline and sidequests.


-Play the second original Shadowsong storyline as Orion of the Holy alliance
-Explore two new regions: Dragonshore and Southern Eldrin
-Play through thirty main story quests and fifty side quests
-Purchase mercenaries to help you in your adventure
-About 3 hours main story play time, maybe another hour if you complete all the side quests
-Immersive story line of Orion's future, past and present
-About 300 hundred maps to explore



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Don't forget to check out the official Shadowsong Wiki!

Latest Blog

Nice one year vacation, now back to work

It's been an incredibly busy year for me so I set both my projects to hiatus mode, these being both this game and also version 2.0.0 for the original game, (progress for that is not going well at all as a quick spoiler).

When I decided to continue my progress for Shadowsong 2 about a month ago, I was so overwhelmed by the progress I had already made that it completely put me off continuing. Now I've had some time to study what I've already made, remember what I planned on doing and begin my work again, I'm glad to say that the progress for this is now officially back.
To sum up what I've already done, as I believe I tried to keep that a "well" guarded secret, this game is generally a dungeon exploration game. Any of you play Legend of Zelda? What am I saying, of course you did. It's sort of like that except with shorter dungeons and a more terrible overall game.

I only actually have 4 dungeons left to build out of about 12, so I can actually say the game may only take 3-4 months to finish. It would be great to finally tick this project off my list of things to do.

I have a little handbook of my progress of this game, and as I was reading through it again there are quite a few pages of a DLC pack called "Orion's Awakening", it's like a prequel to the game. From what I've read of my notes, it, too, sounds like a small handful of a project, and I'm not definitely going to make it. It's just highly likely, haha.

Anyway, have a nice week and I'll try to keep you in the loop!



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Possibly, it depends how much work I put in during the next week or so. I doubt that Shadowsong 2 will be ready to be put up on RMN for a few months, but I'll release a demo somewhere else as soon as I've both finished the game and cleaned up a few things. Thanks,

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