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Dragon Warrior Legacy of Aiden Quick Walkthru from memory.

  • sjmorgan
  • 06/03/2012 01:39 AM
Greetings. This is Stephen here with a walkthru of my first game, Dragon Warrior: Legacy of Aiden. I would like to thank you fine folks here at RPGMaker.net for playing my game. :) Down the road I'll do a comprehensive, full walkthru but I just want to get this up and hammered out now incase anyone needs it. I will try to keep this spoiler free.

If you use this guide instead of your own Wit, you will find some of the challenge missing as I won't let you bipass chances at maximizing efficiency.


Watch the opening sequence and assume the role of the hero. You will be briefed by the King Kenark. Remember to rob jars, dressers, and book shelves. There's a fortune teller in the castle for hints if you ever get too confused to your next task for the first, linear portion of the game. The Soldiers Quarters are great for free sleeping. You can grab equipment, or not bother. I opt for waiting and leveling to level 2 on Blue and Red Slimes.

Latov Village (Recommended Level 2)

Having reached Level 2 and healed, it's a good idea to go to Latov across the bridge. You'll pass a tunnel you can't explore yet. Sack the village, and use that Magic Seed to boost your Max MP by 5. Level 3 will unlock heal and massively boost your survival rate. The Shops here are better, and the NPCs will tell you of there woes. Head North to Latov Shrine.

Latov Shrine (Recommended Level 2-3)

You passed a cave that's housing a real problem for Latov Village. You could do the Cave first, then come to the shrine for alternate dialogue by the Shrine Keeper. I don't recommend this, as a generous NPC will only aid you if you haven't aided Latov Village yet with the cave crisis. With the NPCs help, you'll find arming yourself easier for the first dungeon exploration.

Latov Cave (Recommended Level 3)

Entering Latov Cave you'll find new enemies ready to rumble. It'll make reaching level 4 easy, which is the difference between a moderate-hard boss fight and an easy one. You'll find the cave has a chest near the entrance, and another on a small loop. Past the loop, head North, down the stairs, and the next stairs, and across the watery area. You'll soon find yourself in a Boss fight. If you've chosen to buy armor, you'll be pretty safe. If you chose offense only, you'll need to be more health conciseness. Only way you'll be in trouble is if you are level 3, and default armed. That's a very tough but manageable fight with some strategic healing and defensing.

Return to Latov Shrine (Recommended Level 4)

Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Retrieve the piece of Aidens Equipment, which unfortunately only aids you in the final Boss and Bonus boss fights through special defenses. It's a start!

Return to Kenark Castle (Recommended Level 4)

The King of Kenark has been in touch with the other Kingdom of the Continent. A co-op seems likely. With his instruction, hug the southern shore Line of Kenark, and you'll easily end up at Gardain.

Gardain Castle (Recommended Level 4)

This castle seems to have different architecture. Irrelevant, but I drew inspiration from different DQ games for different locations. :) Anyways, loot the castle, talk to NPCs, buy a Boomerang if you can, it hits all enemies and rocks. You'll see chests behind bars, remember them for when you get a Jailors Key. For now, talk King Gardain to learn his Champion has just left for Kenark but travels slowly. On the way out, pray with a nun to Rubiss, this comes in handy later if you pray at 4 or more of the six prayer locations. Do not bother with Gardain Shrine, the Shrine Master won't let you take the trial until you possess The Helmet of Aiden.

Kenark Castle (Recommended Level 4)

Reading this, you probably feel it's a long run around. It's actually really fast round trip, and you should be speaking to King Kenark already. He just met the Gardain Champion, who is exploring the castle awaiting your return. He's so easy to find when you leave the royal chamber. With him in tow, approach King Kenark again. You'll learn Delsad, an ocean town to the East is in trouble. It's also the only other civilized area on the continent. Looks like it's time to head east. Remember a Boomerang if you haven't gotten one! It's a huge help.

Walking to Delsad(Recommended Level 5-6)

Heading East from Kenark, you may fight some new enemies before the second bridge to the new lands. They're easy to beat in pair and will help you get Gardains warrior up to level 4+. At the point you're ready to cross that bridge, enemy difficulty jumps sharply. Enemies can hurt you two semi well. You can't play with them, tag them to kill them fast, and heal if necessary. A boomerang guarantees two round victories! When crossing the second bridge, you'll want to head North around the mountains. If you go south, it's a longer walk to Delsad.

Delsad (Recommended Level 6)

Loot the town for goodies like any classic RPG Hero would. The towns shaken up, and a lot of the villagers are missing. They're being held captive at a tower to the south, through a world map mountain pass south east. You could rush off, but there's a big door blocking floor two. Instead, it's wise to talk to the NPCs, do a prayer for Rubiss, grab some Herbs (for the next boss fight or tower climb,) and grab the key. Two NPCs hint the keys existence, and location and one tells you it's a must to get up that tower. It's pretty easy to find, unless you rushed to Delsad without Darek. If you did that, the keys owner won't have lost it yet for you to find it.

Delsad Tower (Recommended Level 7)

The tower is a multi floor maze. Explore all of each relatively small floor for loot, an herb, a Chain Mail, and a Chain Sickle. Make sure you have them all before you confront the boss. You may want to do two runs at the tower. One to ramsack the first 3-4 floors and level, and a second for the boss. He's a heavy hitter. The regularenemies aren't push overs, but they goof off with weak attacks sometimes luckily. I recommend level 8-9 to fight the boss. Two runs ensured you'll be strong enough. After round one, the Hero should use Heal if he has MP to keep you two up, and herbs if not. The boss will fall.

Delsad (Recommended Level 9)

With the boss defeated, a new day dawns in Delsad. The Kings messenger finds you automatically and requests your return to Kenark. You can talk to the liberated NPCs, but the crabby old Ship Owner acknowledges your deed and refuses to reward or appreciate it. Go figure. You can also loot a door at Gardain Castle with that thiefs key if you haven't. It's the Kings Chamber.

Kenark (Recommended Level 9)

Talk to King. Blah. Being his errand boy would be tiresome if it weren't brisk tasks. Luckily he recognizes without a ship, you can do no more on the continent. He's opening the southern tunnel to Dalmack for you, which also means you'll only have to come see him one more time later, ever! Sweet.

Dalmackian Tunnel (Recommended Level 9)

This tunnel is a short run. The enemies are a bit tougher than before, but with your level it's not a massive challenge. My advice is to grab the Iron Spear, and head for the three strange rocks. Inspect them for a boss fight before passing. The fights fast, and the bosses can self destruct. If they all 3 do, which is super rare, you may die. It really never happens, but save incase fate hates you. If two or less self destruct, not super likely in the same turn, just heal the following turn. Otherwise, beat them to death to pass.
Moving through the tunnel, we're treated to a quick scene without the party. It looks like a court magician was coming north for help and got herself into a mess. She gets out on her own, but is a bit beat up. Luckily you're nice guys, and willing to join her, to head to Dalmack (your destination anyways,) and solve the crisis there. There's a sign at the tunnel exit, and it advises you that enemies in Dalmack put the northern monsters to shame.


Dalmack Continent (Recommended Level 11)

This continent is more vast than the previous one. Head south, fighting new tough baddies. You'll be fine with the whole party assembled. You'll pass Dalmack Shrine. The Shrine NPCs will point you to Dalmack with good, simple direction. The Shrine Masters trial happens to be the same task that the Court Magician needs help with. Two birds, one stone!

Dalmack (Recommended Level 11)

Dalmack is huge compared to any previous civilized area. The shopping district is right infront of you. The cheap weapon shop is useless. The cheap armor shop is where to get the Court Magician dressed, and to grab new shields. The expensive weapon shop has great Steel Swords for the gents to crush enemies, and the expensive armor shop has the rest of the gear you'll love. Dragon Scales reduce all fire damage 50%. They're amazing. Loot the town, check the well, use the Inn, and venture into the castle.

Dalmack Castle (Recommended Level 11)

It's gigantic. Explore it, loot it, remember the jailor key door for later. Find the King and the Priest learn of the dilemma, and set out south west for the 3 Isles and Marsh Cave.

3 Isles (Recommended Level 11-12)

These three isles are world map land mass worthy of note. An NPC told you of strange metal creatures here, and it's awesome. Metal Slimes and Golden slimes lurk here. Metal Slimes are worth 1000 EXP, but immune to magic and take 0-1 physical damage while running often. Gold Slimes take heavy damage, with 150 health and run often. They yield 1000 gold for the gear. The northern isle has no real slime activity, try the southern isle or the isle with the marsh cave. Level to 12-13 on the new enemies, and get the gear you want.

Marsh Cave (Recommended Level 13)

Explore the Marsh Cave, all of it. It's not the biggest dungeon, but it's hard and has rare metal slime and gold slime encounters. I always bag at least one of one or the other on my run thrus. Loot the chests for gold and get the item you've been instructed to retrieve. I suggest Outside spell to escape if you have it, and Return or a Wing to instantly travel back to Dalmack.

Return to Dalmack Castle (Recommended Level 14)

Go to the King and the Priest, relinquish the item, watch events unfold. The King will thank you, and the Court Mage is a permanent party member. Now stop at the Dalmack Shrine to grab the Helmet of Aiden, and head back to the Northern Continent and to Gardain Shrine. If you can, grind out level 15 as it's a huge help.

Gardain Shrine (Recommended Level 15)

The rude Shrine keeper, if you visited before, is still rude. He will give you his task and the Magic Key. Go lute the Magic Key door in Kenark for a new sword, and stuff. Mind your health on the damaging floor. Take the Harp back to Dalmack for a Shard of Rubiss. Next go to Delsad, and use the key. Bring some herbs, or 99 if you can afford them. 99 herbs will be super beneficial here out when affordable. Travelers gate to a new land!

Wilderness Shrine (Recommended Level 15)

The Wilderness Shrine has a traveler, and a burnt out area. Nothing special, and you can only take a long walk south through the Wilderness. You can level here to (16) or be a beast and go to the cave. Either way, remember, the Increase spell will literally make the strong enemies hit for 50% less or so at this point in the game. Massive help in any fight.

Wilderness Caverns (Recommended Level 16)

Explore the first floor of the cave and get the Devils Tail. It hurts your defense so much that it's a DO NOT USE item until later. I only use it with Boomerang of Flame Boomerang to grind exp quicker when my health isn't an issue. Head to the second floor. You've found an arrow maze. Navigate it, which isn't too difficult, use the stairs, get the treasure chests, all of them, maybe use the new sword... you're choice, lose shield use, hit harder. I usually use it, and stand to go to grab the relic you've been sent for. Prepare for a boss fight, heal, have some MP left for Increase.
The boss has three helpers that hit hard or burn your party. Dragon scales reduce the burn 50%, but you surely have them as they were available at a good price in Dalmack. Have your heavy hitters double team a helper to death in turn one while casting increase. Double cast increase, you can do that, and you'll solidify a good defense. Beat the helpers to death, stay healed, slay the big baddie who's health is massive compared to the helpers. Win, cast Outside, Cast Return.

Return to Gardain Shrine.

No Aiden Piece for you, bad circumstances. There's no real direction on your next task. You can use common sense and know the lands are completely explore, so you need the old mans ship. You can go to King Kenark or the Fortune Teller, who will suggest a ship. You need a ship. Go to Delsad.

Delsad for Ship (Recommended level 17)

The old mans daughter ran off. She's in Gardain. NPC says so. Talk to her, talk to the old man, cake walk at your level. Ships yours. Fortune tellers sight is blocked, and you are told that east is the desert continent with Mendel, the next toughtest region. Go there, or ignore it and loot the world at your own peril. You could die uber easy. For the sake of the Walkthru, I'll give the safest path to success, while also exploiting quick grabs for strong equipment faster to make it easier.

The Ship (Recommended level 17)

Enemies are hard, and super hard if you sail to far off lands. Increase is your friend until you get better equipment soon. After that, it won't be necessary. Sail to the desert continent East.


Desert Continent. (Recommended level 17-18)

You should land near trees. It's the Mendel Shrine. The Shrine Keeper wants you to brave the Lava Cave to bring him the Lamp of Darkness. You can loot the cave later, but beating it requires the Lava Staff. We'll have it soon. Go to Mendel through the Desert.

Mendel (Recommended level 18)

Welcome to the Desert Oasis village. Don't blow money, just loot the place. Get the Shard of Rubiss from a NPC. Pays to talk to everyone. Pray too. You can do the first two ranks of the Arena, but go no further for now or face likely death. Head south east to the Merchants Hut in the desert.

Merchants Hut (Recommended level 18)

This guys hut needs looting, check outside in the well for a Tiny Medal. Hope you've been looting good, soon we're cashing them in for a Wizards Ring and Miracle Sword to save money on Weapons and hit harder faster. For now talk to the Merchant. Magic Charms are virtually the best Accessory bar end game special stuff, but they're too pricey. Ignore them, they're not a necessity at all. Pass the third empty slot, which cancels the menu, and go to the fourth empty slot. You've just requested the secret item the NPC in Mendel told you about, and hinted how to get if you read it. It's 2,000, and well worth it. Enjoy the Jailors Key.

Jailors Key Quests (Recommended level 18)

Go to Kenark. Free the prisoner. Minor, but gets a tiny medal. Go to Gardain. Get the Mirror of Ra and Luck Shoes. The Mirror will be described later if you don't get it now, and back story told. Just grab it. Go to Delsad. Grab the Lava Staff for the next trial. Mina can equip it for power boost, but it sucks on Ocean Creatures, so wait. Next sail to the Wilderness Continent, it's east of Dalmack, mountainy. Sail around it until you find breaks. Don't get off, find the Town entrance. Go into the town, Genovier.

Genovier (Recommended level 18)

We're here early, and enemies are tough. Ramsack it for Tiny Medal, Gunpowder, possibly buy stronger Dragon Armor or Dragon Shield, DO NOT BUY WEAPONS. We're better than that, we're getting ours free via PRO TIP style. Note the Statue of Aiden and that if you stand before it with all his gear, something special will happen. Heal at the Inn. Leave.

Genovier Shrine (Recommended level 18)

The Shrine is like no other. The trial requires only that you take the Sword of Aiden. Your own image appears to stop you. A NPC recommends the Mirror of Ra, but we brought it already. Use the Mirror, dispel the image, take the sword. It's not in perfect shape, but it's a major attack booster for the hero. Saved weapon costs of 5 grand. Sweet.

Genovier continent (Recommended level 18-19)

Cast repel, minimize combat. Fight, save, heal, these guys aren't playing. They're meant to be post Mendel continent. Find the Shard of Rubiss in the red marsh. Cast Return. Heal. Sail to Gardain roughly. Sail west to the Isle with the Tiny Medal Shrine and the ocean town of Lindain.

Lindain (Recommended level 19)

Sack the town, get 2 Tiny Medals. If you were vigilant, you have 7 and can sail a few spaces north to the Tiny Medal Shrine now or after the towns mini quest is done. With 7 medals, you'll get a Sword of Miracles, which is a little stronger than the damaged Sword of Aiden. Equip both to maximize, and now you're team will wreck enemies in the Ocean and the Desert with ease. Save the game, check the Well. Fight the boss. His Firebolt does 80-90 damage but Dragon Scales reduce it to 40 some. Fire Slash is nerfed by the scales. Cast increase once, heal often, beat him down for a Shard of Rubiss. Pray to Rubiss. Make sure you visit the Medal Shrine if you haven't. Go back to Mendel, it's time.

Mendel revisited (Recommended level 19-20)

Do the next rank of the Arena, but make sure the hero has the Sword of Miracles, and any Dragon Armor you have. Wreck the enemies for the War Hammer. Re equip to the optimal, do no more ranks. Go north to the Lava Cave after healing.

Lava Cave (Recommended Level 20)

With the Weapons and Armor you have, this cave is a breeze. Heal when necessary, Sleepmore Serpants and Lizards for easy wins, Infermore and beat down enemies. Get every chest, the Flame Boomerang sucks here and on the Ocean, but it's a god send later on the Ice Continent. Use the Lava Staff on the Stone Wall, and heal. Boss fight for the Lamp. It's a two part battle. The first parts easy, just smack it up, nothing too special. Second fight is the real deal. Increase, Speed Up, heal, wreck this guy for the Lamp.

Mendel Shrine (Recommended Level 20-21)

Return, and show the Shrine Master the Lamp. You can keep it to cast Surround without using MP. Almost sweet. You now have the Armor of Aiden, and already had the Sword, Amulet and Helmet. Equip yourself for success, and return to Kenark. Just heal there, save, and sail around back to a very near by water cave, boat dungeon!

Water Dungeon (Recommended Level 21-22)

Increase and beat up enemies. They're a bit of a challenge. Sail around the very big, open cave isle by isle. Sail into weird colored walls for hidden tunnels. Get all the medals, the Golden Statue, the Thunder Staff, ect. When done, leave, and heal. Return, save, sail west, get off the boat, take the stairs. Down here is a weird boss fight. Seems easy, but the enemies back off and turn into a powerful boss. Increase, Speed Up, Sap his defense, heal often, Blunt Hit him, pound him out. Grab the treasures, including the Shield of Aiden. Save, leave, heal.

Return to Genovier (Recommended Level 22)

Enter the town. Stand before the statue. Get the Final Key. Resist the temptation to go to the end of the game, it could lead to sorrow.

Frozen Continent (Recommended level 22+)

Sailing north or south usually leads to this giant frozen continent. Park the ship on the eastern section, and find Teroval Castle. Don't forget, the Flame Boomerang is your friend with Boom for fast fights and good exp. Sorry sword of Aiden.

Teroval Castle (Recommended level 22)

Amazon like, man hating women. Backwards society. Cheap, crappy laughs. Loot it, buy great gear. Talk to the Queen, come to no meeting of the minds. Read a journal, seek out the House in the Wild.

Black Smiths House (Recommended level 23)

The Black Smith and his son live alone. Loot them, and learn of the Oar. Learn the truth of Teroval, and get documentation. Return to the queen.

Teroval Revisited (Recommended level 23)

Blackmail the queen, get the last Shard of Rubiss. You rock. Now head to the optional cave to the West. That Oar is the only way to fix the Sword of Aiden.

Optional Frozen Cave (Recommended level 23-25)

Enemies are tough. Sleep those Dragons, increase often, Vivify the dead, Heal Often, get the chests. Floor two, use the Gunpowder from Genovier to open the back room. Beat the boss, standard strategy. Get the Ore.

Black Smith House Revisited (Recommended level 25)

Enter. Have the sword fixed. Equip it once you leave the frozen continent since right now Flame Boomerang is hit all enemies, +50% damage.

Shrine of Rubiss (Level 25)

Sail the ocean until you find this lone shrine. Enter, get the Water Flying Cloths using the Final Key and Items you should have. Appear before the pedistool of Rubiss, and if you prayed at 4+ locations and have all 6 Shards of Rubiss, he will restore the Sphere to it's former glory. Success.

Lone Shrine on the 3 Isles of the Marsh Cave (Recommended level 25)

Use the Final Key, and off to Minnack you go.

Minnack Shrine (Recommended level 25)

Just exit, avoid the Final Tower. Go into the destroyed Village of Minnack.

Minnack Village Ruins (Recommended level 25)

The village is full of random enemy NPCs. Don't waste your time. Random encounters are easy or super tough. Grind in the poison marsh spots for battles with up to 6 metal slimes occasionally. Level fast to 27. Leave. Heal, Return. When you return, beat the mini boss guarding the evil King and Queen. Next fight them, and treat them like there small, identical counter parts you'd fight earlier in the game. Slay the Queen first. Use Barrier for elemental damage, Increase for physical, Speed Up, and Twin Hits if you know it for ass whooping. Blunt Hit or Metal Cut for the King. This optional boss fight yields massive EXP and Gold. Good job leveling for the Tower. Now just go do the optional Oasis Cave if you'd like. It's worth it.

Oasis Cave (Recommended Level 28+)

Trade the Golden Statue from the Water Cave in Mendel for the Sun Stone. Head to the other Oasis, and dry it up standing center, facing North. Enter the Cave. Navigate it, get every chest, explore every area. Wreck Whip and Tiny Medal are a must. Find the boss, whoop him for the Metal Babble Armor. Equip both this armor, the Armor of Aiden, and the Waterflying Cloths for maximal team defense. Exit the Cave, go try to complete the Arena, saving every Rank you win. If you can't beat the last rank, return post game when you'll likely know Thordain, and fry the enemies. Go to the Medal Kings Shrine, get the rest of the gear, the Hat of Happiness reduces MP by 50%. Out of battle, any healer should use it any time you heal, in Battle it's for Mina.

Minnack Tower (Recommended level 30+)

Wipe out the four Mini Bosses on each floor, and leave. Go heal, return, Save. Get to the Top, check behind the Pedistool for a secret button and the Metal Babble Sword, and fight Dhythos. The Sphere of Rubiss reduces his attack and defense by 50%. Stat boosters like Twinhits make you smash him, Increase Rocks, Sap Works, Speed Up, Healing, Explodet if Mina has time. Slay him to end the game.

Post Game (Recommended Level 32+)

Post Game, you can use the Red Travelers gate to go to the Demon World. It's a twisted Tower of Minaack. Descend to the basement, get the goodies, climb it, slay mini bosses, and power level on Metal Babbles if you find them. At the top, save, fight the Demon Lord in his twisted time and space area. Sphere of Rubiss is so helpful again, it works on on Dhythos and him The land will fall apart afterwards. You can place the Sphere of Rubiss atop Minaack now, and roam the lands, and everyone thanks you. Pointless, but it is post game. You can also redo the Red Travelers gate for a special just for fun fight with Malroth.
Well, that's all. I just typed this all up in one sitting, no reviewing the game. I got an email with a question, and felt like I'd answer most questions in one shot. Any other questions not answered, you can write me anytime. :)


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Threatening someone over a 30 day ban.
Couldn't edit the guide, but while it mentions getting the Lava Staff after the Jailors key... it doesn't say where. Dalmack is the location. When obtaining the Jailors Key, it's best to go loot every jail door you've seen and had no access to.
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