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A game for the RMN's 5 Year Anniversary 5-hour!
It can be said that the game is completed, it is a short game, no more than 5 minutes I guess, the only thing I miss is some polish in dialogues (English is not my natal language and for some reason I suffer of typing dyslexia if I am not carefull). Another thing I totally miss was the balance in the points, but I run out of time before start balancing. In other words there is no challenge at all, you can't even loose. I might end those little details when the contest is over but for now here is what I did, I hope you... appreciate my effort XD

127 Hours a movie made by a director I respect a lot based on the story of a man that I respect even more. The story of this man and the plot of the movie is not so much of spoiler alert, I already knew what was going to happen before watching the movie (Is like titanic, you already know the ship sink) It is more like an emotional one rather than one with misteries. But If still you don't want to know anything before seeing the movie, Don't play the game or read de description.

Aron Ralston Is an adventure man, he decide on going to the Blue John Canyon one day alone without telling anyone about where is going, his over-confidence brought him troubles when a rock falls in his arm, This is the story of how he survive, so prepare for a pretty small survivor game.

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