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The Plot

Samuel lives a solitary, brooding life ever since his young wife's death. He lectures at a university but his heart isn't in it anymore.

His unhappy existence is interrupted when his former mentor (a historian) sends a letter from Germany informing Samuel that he is "onto something big." Answering the call of his old friend, Samuel leaves his home in England for the chance to be part of a historical discovery but all that he finds in the deserted town of Rottgarten is horror and secrecy.

If you get close to the finale of the game and you end up in a hallway, right before the final fight, you are at the end of the game as it stands.


ENJOY the game.
Feedback and reviews are welcome.


This is a survival horror game set in Victorian age Europe, featuring:

Multiple endings depending upon your karma

Full 3D cut scenes (presently only one)

3D item animations Upon inspecting important items, players see a 3d animation of the item.

Several hours of gameplay

Unlockable bonus features (not in beta version)

Release date set for july the 15th. (in production since 2005)

This release of the game has all but the final couple of maps and a number of cinematics..

Latest Blog

Back underway

The other guy is back from his trip so we're slowly progressing again. The few movies are getting done and I'm looking for the time in amongst all my teaching to put in the finishing touches.

I'm kind of interested in what all those downloaders had to say about the game. I've had a lot of feedback from Jear but apparently we have 10 subscribers and 200+ downloaders. So don't be shy, please tell me what you liked or didn't like and how the overall opinion is.


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Nice, all approved. Download link should be up tomorrow or the next day. Just finishing the opening cut scene.
Nice game! Waiting for download link.
Hmm, Upload failed. Is 400 meg too big? Rapidshare link upcomming.
A download link should appear tomorrow.

Update: Ok. The download link is up.
I'm sorry to make people install the game but some parts of it
might not work properly if I just put the project file up.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Manage Games -> Add Download -> "URL" field should help keep track of download count, I would think. You can still have the link on the "front page", though.

400MB, huh? That will take quite some time with my connection. I think I'll try to get this tomorrow.
Thanks for that, Marrend. I've been trying to upload the game here but it fails after a couple of hours so I'll do as you suggest. ^_^

Ok, I've sorted that out and now it'll be tallying how many people use the download link. A few people got it from rapidshare even before the link appeared at the top. : ) Were you one of them?
Guardian of the Description Thread
To be honest, I almost forgot about this! How long does this take with my connection, anyway? About two hours? Sounds about right.
It seems like a decent game, but not when it will take 2 or 3 hours to download. I'm going to sit this one out.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Looking great, downloadind and subscribing.
Looks quite nice, so..I shall be keeping my eye on his~ :)
Thanks guys. Tell me what you think when you've given it a go. If you have the time.
It's strange. According to RMN the game has 24 downloads, but rapidshare says that 55 people have clicked on the file. This is the only place the link is up so I have no idea where the other people have come from. unless someone's counter is dodgy.
Guardian of the Description Thread
The discrepancy might be people clicking on the link provided in your description? I'm thinking that's how RapidShare would have a few more hits.

*Edit: One of these days, I will find the time to download this! I'm curious as to what makes this so huge, but, well, my mind gets sidetracked.
I'd love to hear your feedback. The finished one will be coming out next month, so I'm keen to hear reviews and opinions so I can make last minute alterations.

It's big because there are full 3D cut scenes and hundreds of maps.
I downloaded it and am playing it. I'm in the school, but can't quite figure out how to get to the kids trapped in the room in the 2nd floor. I think I've discovered all the other secrets (even the basement with the drainage canal). How do I get to where they're at?
I downloaded it and am playing it. I'm in the school, but can't quite figure out how to get to the kids trapped in the room in the 2nd floor. I think I've discovered all the other secrets (even the basement with the drainage canal). How do I get to where they're at?

Ah, I'm glad to hear that the download link works.
On the third floor of the school is Terry's diary. If you read it he talks about how he jumps from the third floor balcony to the second to see his girlfriend. After you've done that and walk on the balcony, Sam will ask if he should jump down.

How are you finding it, by the way?
The running around finding this, finding that is a bit tiresome. There are lots of lamps, but I can't take any of them. There are also axes laying around which I can't take. Even if unwieldy I'd like to be able to take, perhaps sell.
I don't know what the karma cost will be, but I killed the girl who was bit by the ghoul, but she couldn't have been saved?
Hey that's a good point. I have lamps around to light rooms and it only makes sense that the main character would want to pick them up and use them...Still, that'll just have to be put down to suspension of disbelief. I suppose, maybe since he's already got a lantern he doesn't need to collect all the ones that are lighting rooms around the town, just get fuel.

Hmm, where are the axes laying around that you can't take? There should be a wood chopping axe outside the big white house, A fire safety axe in the groundskeeper's shack and another one inside the rich guy's house, and you can pick them all up.

Do you think I should put some other kind of puzzle in the school, other than finding the keys to the teacher's room and jumping down to the second floor?

Thanks for playing and giving me this info, dude!

Since the girl asks you not to kill her, you lose a little karma if you do shoot her. She can't be saved, so if you don't kill her she will turn into a ghoul. If you complete the game with great karma she will appear outside the town at the end, and help Sam get back to civilization.
When you first leave the guy's house you can't take the axe. He says "I don't think I need this," despite hearing rumors of monsters. In real life I'd be like "If i'm going to a place that has monsters, I'm going to make SURE to have as big and bad of a weapon that I can"

The reason why I say that he should be able to grab lanterns laying around is that one house that you remove the floorboards. Maybe that part of the game isn't developed, but it's something on the order of "There's a tunnel here but I can't go in." Actually, you could add an element of strategy to the game that he has to collect lamp oil/ flashlights etc-- all of which have a time span before they go out (but make sure the players know how long each of these things last) Even in Victorian times, there was a "hand crank" flashlight (it's a thing where you keep squeezing it to produce light.) Monsters could get weaker in stronger sources of light. Some monsters could also be so strong as to weaken your source of light.

Also there seems to be some sort of glitch that causes an "after image" of something that appears if he walks too far away from his dog. Or are there supposed to be ghosts in the city?
Thanks for the feedback man.

At the start of the game he has no idea there are monsters in the town, he just thinks he's going to meet his friend and translate some historical records. So he doesn't take his wood chopping axe on holiday with him to meet his old friend. Later on when he gets to the town and finds it full of monsters, then you can pick up every axe you see.

Yea, I like your lantern ideas. there is actually a puzzle a lot like that later in the game where you have to walk around an old coal mine and keep lighting urns full of lamp oil and wood, they only burn for 30 seconds or so, then it starts to get dark, and if you don't find another you hear noises and take damage, till you die or get some light. So you're actually ahead of the curve.

In the room you're talking about though, that area can't be accessed because there's some sturdy iron work in the way. It's actually just a dead end at that point in the game.

Due to the stuff you said before I've gone back and put a safe cracking puzzle in the school so that there's a bit of variety, and I'm working with the 3D guy to maybe get a more tense scene in there. You were right in saying it's a bit thin. Might have a bit where all the students have been locked in the gym and Androse lets them out, so you have to run through the school and barricade a door, find an alternate way out.

I thought about what you said about selling gear. I had been thinking myself that people will need a place to sell the junk they get but, since all the people have mysteriously dissipated it seemed stupid and mood breaking to have a shop. I've arrived at a sort of solution though...Now there's a paranoid guy who's locked himself in the mill and will only open the door to trade for supplies. This way if people haven't bough potions or found coats, hats and stuff they can get it from him, until you go there on time and he's gone and there's blood on the floor.

No idea what's going on with the ghost image if you walk too far form the dog...that's really news to me. There's nothing in the events that would do that. Can you take a screen shot or something, sounds bizarre but interesting.

Really glad someone's playing it and giving advice.
how far are you now?
Oh, there's also another glitch that leaves the character in "hyperspeed" running mode after some of the big battles.

I'll try to get a screenshot for you showing the ghost I'm talking about

If I were you, I'd leave the guy in the shack til the end, and if he has good karma, he also can be saved.

I just got to the asylum and am wandering around after the cut scene

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