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Game Design

Back underway

The other guy is back from his trip so we're slowly progressing again. The few movies are getting done and I'm looking for the time in amongst all my teaching to put in the finishing touches.

I'm kind of interested in what all those downloaders had to say about the game. I've had a lot of feedback from Jear but apparently we have 10 subscribers and 200+ downloaders. So don't be shy, please tell me what you liked or didn't like and how the overall opinion is.

Progress Report

Completion date

Well the 15th is today and the game is not ready. The 15th was our estimated deadline.
It is still incredibly close to being finished but we're both too busy to meet and work on it right now to get the final things finished.

This game is the opposite of Tom Cruise.

It could come out any day!



Well, I didn't submit the game for nagademo but it's made its way into the list, which is great. To make sure that reviewers have the best copy of the game to play i'm uploading another version with will apparently take 4 hours.

So I'm off to bed, New download like to come in the morning.
Still won't be finished but very close, and there's the option to skip to the ending video if you play for the bad karma ending.


Complete walkthrough and appology

Here is the complete walkthrough:

The last couple of pages don't yet apply. Since the version available for download isn't quite finished up to the endings.

Also I'm going to have to say that I don't think the game will be finished by the release date, since it doesn't look likely I'll be meeting with my team mate and getting these 3D things done in the next 10 days. I think he's working on a lot of paintings and poetry.

Sorry about that. It'll be along very soon.


Walkthrough available.


Hey guys, Click here if you're getting stuck anywhere. It's not finished yet. It covers the first two thirds of the game, as they exist so far. Just the bare bones of things you have to complete to advance the narrative. It doesn't have the location of optional items or secret stuff.


Last Minute Hitch

Well the game is tantalisingly close to being finished.
I've only got some more drawing, a couple of lines of code and some
things from earlier on that I want to go back and make better.

Really I'm just marking time because what the game REALLY needs if for me to meet with the other guy. Then it would be finished.


Progress update.

I just found out how to convert images tot he colour format of rpg maker in gimp, instead of stuffing around in paint. I went back and started meddling with the pictures from the end movie but I actually think they look better the other way. It's a cool kind of overblown, surreal style.

Not really sure if we're going to be able to meet the release deadline that I've put up on this site. I am one half of the studio, and while all the programming is coming to a close and the 2D graphics are getting done I was hoping to be able to meet with the other half and spend a night finishing my bit while he did 3D and soundtrack stuff, and we'd both have the last bits of input before everything was set in stone and integrated. Then have a complete game by the morning.

I think he's hit the road with some poets though, and I'll be full time teaching in a week, so this project is looking like it'll sink into the background for another little while. :(


Revamp of school

After people played the beta version of the game I got some great feedback. One of the things that a player made me notice was that the school didn't have any cool puzzles or much horror stuff outside of the creepy atmosphere.

That's why I've now created this.

Obviously still workin' on composition, etc..

While your friend bars the door and holds back the ZOMBIES you have to try to pick the lock to get into the adjoining room. The lockpick puzzle takes up half of the screen so every now and then your eyes are drawn away from it to the deteriorating door. and the noisy zombies.

I'm still tinkering with it but right now I love it.

I've also made a cool safe with a combination of crazy runes to open it ^_^
I think the school is going to be a lot more lively in the finished version.
So glad it's all nearly complete.

Progress Report


Should be doing a couple more 3D animations soon and trying to keep them as small as possible. Anyone who's downloaded the game and given it a go; I want you to know that the little movie you get when you enter the church for the first time is just a place holder, we are actually making 3D videos for all the major buildings.

I wonder if it's the size of the download that's putting people off of this game, maybe they are just waiting for it to be complete.

Here is the latest render of the church that the 3D guy just sent over. It doesn't look so scary now but on nice angles, with some fog and textures that will be something.

Might need to re-design the one in the game to match the bell tower this one has.

Progress Report

Finished (sort of)

One of the endings is animated and in the game so the game is finished...In that, you can play from the start to the end...as long as you're an asshole to everyone you meet, to make sure you get the bad karma ending. The other endings are a few more days away.

When I have them all done I'll upload again, then spend the rest of the time before July the 15th making everything better.
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