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Why did I do this? Must be for the MS.

Twilight in VXA version. Seriously, what little I could remember of the story was shoved into this. I once again let it ball out of my control and have two cutscenes and maps to show for five hours of work.

I hate myself.


And if anyone asks for me to finish this, there will be hell to pay. Why? Because it's Twilight, that's why.

Even the title is me asking myself why I did this...

Created for the 5th birthday celibration of RMN. I supposed I could have done something better but with badaption as the... uh... prompt, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to attempt to worsen the hack experience that is Twilight. Did I succeed? No idea.
But at least I got some resources out of it. That's a good thing, right? Right?

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"And pretty! They're all really pretty, even the guys! Uh... no homo."
I hate the phrase "no homo," but that was pretty funny.

I remember back in high school when I could climb through a bathroom stall and climb up walls.
Thanks for catching that. It's an issue with the roofing tiles, alas. I shall have to use events to block access. :(

That is, if I ever go back to this project... (not ever likely)
Want a review for this? : D

Well .. I wanted to challenge myself. Good thing this is so short.
The title sums it up perfectly - "why? why did I ever start this?"
Still, it depicts the silliness well enough I'd say.
It was made for a competition where the challenge was to make a bad adaption. Honestly, I think I made it better than the original. XD

But sure~
I think I made it better than the original. XD

That you did!
While I joked .. I shall stand by my word. But how do you rate a game like this? I'll just leave it unrated I guess. It's about as bad as the original, with decent mapping. So yeah.

Edit: Pending. Let's cross our fingers it never gets out
Best game ever. Plan to finish it? XD
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