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Bad in the best way

  • Kylaila
  • 11/29/2014 12:32 PM
"5 Centimetres per Second: The RPG" is a badaption of the anime movie with said name. I will spoil part of the movie, so beware.
It offers a short journey featuring our beloved characters, cuts out the messages and instead lets you whack alligators!

The game is few minutes long due to the need to grind.
It doesn't have any music or sounds and it features exactly one area.

You start with a short introduction telling you about you wanting to meet up with your girlfriend, because you will not see her in a long time.
Yet your train is delayed and you must travel by foot to reach your beloved Akari.

It as adapted ridiculously badly, but it also features the important characters and events ..
This game is repetitive and boring, but has trashy amusment.

You whack with a character - who in no way resembles the original protagonist - alligators in a frozen plain, for fuck's sake. With Kanae, the only boss, appear waves and a beach in this frozen area.
Alligators are the only normal mobs you can find, and after each battle you will be able to distribute a stat point. Your only command is attack.
You will need to grind quite a bit before you can take on the boss and conquer your love.

The truly amusing thing is that while this chain of events could be found in different settings, in the original movie things move quite differently ..

The protagonist will not get together with Akari despite meeting her there, and despite continuing to love her. Kanae never actually makes a move on the protagonist.

5 Centimeters per Second is about moving on - realizing that clinging onto something lost will get you nowhere.
The badaption shows the opposite, succeeding at clinging onto your love. If only you show enough effort.

It is a bad game, but it is supposed to be one - and it is great at twisting the original work.