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Might be the worst game on RMN

5 Centimetres per Second: The RPG is an indie game made with Verge3. From what I can gather this game was intended to be bad. So I'm not sure what I should do with the rating of this game? Should I give it 5 / 5 for doing a great job of doing a bad job or should I give this god awful game the score it deserves. I'm leaning towards the latter.

You'll need a microscope to read that story!

If you skipped over the last screen shot because the text was too small for you, let me sum it up for you. Your train stops and your walking across some snow to find your girlfriend so you can get lucky. Actually the story doesn't matter, this game is going to make you so angry that you'll forget about it.

There is no background music or sound effects in this game. You won't know that you just got in an encounter and you won't know that you just hit an enemy. The graphics are pretty plain. The worst part of them is that you sometimes can't tell the difference between ground tiles and wall tiles.

Does that look like a wall or a different kind of ground tile?

And embrace yourself for the most ridiculous encounter rate in the world. You'll hardly go anywhere on this map without an encounter happening. The battles just involve you pressing the enter button over and over again. The only way to keep track of the battles is to actually watch the HP numbers change, otherwise someone might think nothing is happening at all. And there isn't much consistency in the troops you'll fight. You'll fight troops that do nothing and troops that tear a new hole in your rear end. And when it's game over the game just shuts down.

I really hope you won that competition you were in because this is perhaps one of the worst things I have ever played. I congratulate you on a job well done, I'm very angry at this game! I give this game the worst possible score RMN will let me, a 0.5 / 5. Good job at doing a bad job.