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Some laughs but a really unfinished game

  • Irog
  • 06/09/2017 02:28 PM
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - The jRPG is a comedy RPG where a gang tries to get cheap coke from a fake pizza restaurant. The gang members are really stupid and this is intentional: you'll laugh at them a lot. Most of the jokes have dark or silly humor, so be prepared. Unfortunately, when a conversation takes place, you get enough time to read all the dialogues except the last one of the conversation which disappear almost instantly. This often ruins the jokes because only fast readers can read the punch line.

The music for this game perfectly fits its comedy style. Indoor mapping is good but the exterior is rushed and empty. Most healing items where given alcohol names to reenforce the "gang from a bar" idea.

The game is very very short (I believe It was made for an event that had a tight time constrain). So there is only one playable area: the city streets from the bar to the pizza restaurant. On this large map, random battles occur at an incredibly high encounter rate. Luckily the developer tells you that talking to a girl on the left (actually, she stands on the right) leads directly to the restaurant. There are a lot of merchants so you'll never run out of healing items.
Each character has 2 skills, some have funny name or description. Mac's skills cost 0 SP, so you can use them at will. One has a healing side effect but the developer prevented it from being overpowered: it heals only a small amount of HP and can only target Mac. So it's not a "free heal for all in battle" but simply a "free heal for Mac between battles".

This game will make you laugh but it is extremely short and feels unfinished. The game status is "completed" so I've given it a score for what it is now.