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World Wrestling Federation
World Wildlife Fund
To the death!

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You know it's "World Wrestling Entertainment" nowadays?
Oh yeah. I'm well aware of that :D It's the whole point of the game.
I think my first thought was "are you f-ing kidding me?" Then I saw Bret the Hitman Hart with a chair...

This really passed the screening process?
This really passed the screening process?

It's for a five hour contest so yeah it did
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
<Dudesoft> save Bret Hart's magic until the final area. trust me.
author=Yellow Magic
<Dudesoft> save Bret Hart's magic until the final area. trust me.

Having finally had a chance to play through it, I can see where I made a game-breaking screwup.
So yeah, save your Chairs.
Is the World Widelife Fund dead, too? Or has it something to do with some extinct animal races?

I'm just downloading this fascinating BATTLE OF SURVIVAL!

Btw I hoped the WWF had died since I was WCW and ECW fan :-(
Alright, I played this. It was quite boring. What will happen after I have killed all the millions of animals? Is it worth to kill them all?
Nah, nothing special to see.
Sorry to hear it was boring ._.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
This game is f*****g terrible...
even if you are a fan of wrestling you probably wont enjoy this
after a short amount of dialog explaining the situation
you take control of rick flair,razor ramoan and bret heart ina turn based rpg where you can move on a grid
each wrestler has one special move and you have 3 characters while you have to fight 40+...
stupidly time consuming when the 1st battle should have less then half of the amount of enemies it does
AND theirs no way to walk into the final area top right! with any of the 3 characters!
this means if you run out of special abiltys with bret heart you will NOT be able to even finish the 1st stage after wasting all of that time!

do your self a favor and skip this!
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