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  • orochii
  • 06/08/2012 06:25 PM
This game is finished, so I don't have any word regarding "how I am currently developing it". However, since I like to add some words as to how I did stuff or something, I'll try to do that with this.
And of course, because making some noise could help it to not pass like a breeze.

So, starting off, this game is made around an apocryphal book from Ezra, one of those jew prophets from the early days. In this case, it is from the fall of Sion, as it was conquered by Babilon. That's the context where is Ezra, and that's why he asks god why they were "forgotten".

It's supposed to be like some kind of recontextualization of that text. At least that's what I intended at the beginning.

And so, for the making, what I did was just to make some guidelines, just as I tend to do with any game of mine. Later on, I searched for music, and based on the ambience that I found on those musical themes, I tried to make something graphical. I can say that most of the time, the "inspiration" for scenes and stuff were made taking into account what the music made me feel.

The game has a short duration, since it intends to be like a light episode of some kind. Like a short film. I wanted to concentrate the stuff, the most I could, without making it to lose sense, and without overloading it. That last part, sadly, I think I didn't made it, because there's a scene that just spits all in your face. Sadly, as it was for a contest, I thought that I weren't going to made it, and so hurried myself. I have to admit it, I did my best making it as cohesive with the rest as possible.

The translation was easy, but probably not flawless. My native is not english, so it is VERY propense to grammar mistakes and stuff. It took me 2 days at most, and I could have even made it in less than one day. But I took my time testing it, and making sure that all were the best I could. So I'm proud of it.

And that's all I have to say, thanks for reading if you do. I hope you like the game, and enjoy it.

Orochii Zouveleki