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Short and sweet, but not for everyone

  • Darken
  • 07/02/2012 05:14 PM
I've been enjoying short games lately. Maybe my attention span is getting really shitty when it comes to those 50+ hour RPGs being posted everywhere but I think I've always had a problem with actually beating most games. A lot of games tend to have a lot of filler and I don't mean the story filler I mean the game kind of filler where the developers try to keep your attention span with enough gameplay quirks and twists as possible. It's all very nice because apparently games need to be longer than movies to warrant that 50 dollar price, but at the same time I don't think there's a huge reason for an amateur game maker to shoot for the stars. Maybe for a lot of people, RPGs require some sort of progression to feel like an RPG. Whatever, this game is pretty neat.

The story starts out strangely enough, you end up going to work in what seems to be a modern neighborhood. As the story goes on there's not a whole lot of reasonable things happening. But I kind of like how bizarre the events can be. The flow of this game doesn't feel like your RPG, it's very "whatever goes" one moment you'll be selecting the "drink beer" choice over and over til you get smashed. Then you find yourself throwing rocks at hoodlums as a result of your new found justice, only to forget all about that next morning.

Most of the dialogues (and monologues I suppose) are sometimes a little cryptic, I guess this is due to translation issues but could also because the story is a little out there, or maybe both. I like it. Most of the game feels a little aimless but gets that apocalyptic vibe out there pretty well without putting you in some boring wasteland. The music comes off as personal choices like LSD trance, ambient chip-tunes etc. The visuals consist of desaturated pixel art that comes off as very clean and actually pretty good, I like the excessive use of the dull colors in say.. the streets while the more upbeats ones are displayed on characters or things of importance.

The combat is very thresholdy. You might actually die in your first try if you don't realize you need to throw items to do any actual damage. Later on you get a party member who can instant kill stuff pretty well but the side effects are a little confusing, so it's sometimes just luck if you decide to go with an all out strategy. There's no leveling you simply gain skills as the story goes on that are mostly support skills. The weird thing I like about that battles is probably just the general aesthetics, at the beginning the song name that's playing pops up kind of like in burnout when using the radio. Just an arbitrary choice that caught me off guard.

So yeah, if you're looking for something different and something short, give this a go. Just be prepared for the battles as they can be unforgiving at first.


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Thanks for the review! I feel that I'm improving a little ohohoho.
The game is a little bizarre, I wanted it to be like that. Although I still wanted to make it intuitive. Sadly too, considering the game lenght, some battles can get sometimes to kill your characters.

My response to that was that, after each battle your characters get healed completely (including MP and status), but it still makes the first battle a little though if you want to "explore your alternatives". That is the place that can be the most unforgiving one.
Battles were supposed to give the player the option to go all-out at each battle, without thinking about neting experience or anything. Just kick their asses as hard as you can!

And yeah, there are probably "language issues" :P. Even if I studied grammar and finish learning the language, I have still that "stranger accent" that I can't change that easily hahaha!

So, again thanks for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed the game.
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