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In the time our earliest historic records go back to, there existed a planet much like that of our own. This planet Earth, as it is called, was laid siege by a life form known as Oracles that began the process of colonization on it.
Although Earth’s inhabitants waged terrestrial war against the Oracles, their efforts were fruitless.
In a last exertion for the survival of the human race, a new device was created.This apparatus we now refer to as Sanctuary, through means which are lost in file corruption, managed to accumulate the consciousness of selected individuals which was then integrated into the flow of cyberspace in one of infinite virtual realities. The world that they resided in is the same that we live in now. Scores of people dispersed over this new frontier, eventually developing distinct cultures and laws. As time went on, the composition of civilization began to grow, nations were born, and warfare was waged for assimilation desires.
A bloc of a nation, whose name has been lost, known as Seraphim swiftly, began to grow in support from the weaker, smaller countries. It was at this time that the world was divided in a power struggle between Constanel, Seraphim, and the Stransfell Union. These three world powers battled continually in every city, leaving everything in flames and death. Seeing no clear decisive conflict emerging, a secret agreement was formed between Seraphim and Constanel, with them becoming allies against the Stransfell nuisance. In an encounter between Stransfell and Constanel forces of unmatched quantity, where one could not walk without stepping on a cadaver, a numinous occurrence happened. A brilliant light shot across the horizon at dusk on the 143rd day, and subsequently an intense flash swept across the land, devouring all of the life present.
Seraphim, being the only world power will a functional military, effectively became the sovereign of the planet. Stransfell was wiped from existence, and the Constaneans, who expected to remain an ally to Seraphim, fount only the end of a sharp edge. The world was now being controlled by a few with no resistance.
The creators of our world, and Sanctuary designed it to be a utopia, where hostility could be rerouted into exercise and games. As such, our world includes aspects of life that weren’t accessible to our ancestors. Monsters can hunted and killed for Gilteon, the worldwide currency, people are ranked in life not by their social status, but by the eminence of their abilities and gaming proficiency. The best of the best players in this game are destined to become leaders in their respective governments. In this world, fame and fortune go to those that seek it.
Perhaps the biggest differentiation between our World and the one Earth is that everyone is guaranteed freedom from Death. When someone is born, they have three lives, where should they meet an abrupt end to their life, they will be reborn. However should the individual die a fourth time, they will be reborn as a new person with no reminiscence of their past lives.

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grr well this looks awesome i hope you are still working on it! :D
subbed! :D
You should space out that description a little, wall of text are painful to the eyes. Looks really good though
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
agreed every 4-5 lines needs a space
This does look wonderful. I hope you plan to keep at it.
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