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Progress Report

Update #13: Many Things Refined and Added

OK, now the game is completely back to normal, I can carry on making it.
-I've added a new system which sees items like Boomerang, Bombs and Hookshots being used in dungeons. Just to make dungeons better an a bit more in-depth.
-I've also began perfecting the monster capturing system by giving every monster its own face and overworld graphic. Hopefully this means a much less frustrating battle system.
-Another thing, you can now have up to 8 save files instead of the ridiculous 24.
-I've made storytelling a bit better. Plot points creep up pretty often (some without you realising it).

That's pretty much it. I'll update when there's enough new stuff to update on.
If you didn't like this game before, now is the time to start getting interested.

Progress Report

Two months? TWO MONTHS? Okay, here's why.

In the off chance that you're one of my few supporters, you may gave either been wondering why I've been gone, or you've just not noticed/cared.
Well I can tell you this. I am not dead. In fact, the total opposite. Real life has gotten in the way pretty hugely, but now I have no life again, which means I can spend 24/7 working on this bitch.
I also fixed a bug which meant you couldn't save the game. I'll put up a new demo within the next month.

So, if you follow this game, you can be sure progress will be made!
Also, just for fun, I'm making a small side-game that sees you playing as One Direction.


Update #12: DEMO #2

Yep, I managed to get it up finally. It also lets you access another Password Map.
The password for it will be revealed tomorrow, along with what it looks like and its name.


#Update 11: Another update on the Demo, revealing a new area

So since the demo is STILL not up because of my awful internet, I thought I'd let y'all know that it's up at the end of next week, and I'm going to reveal the first new area of Chapter 2.
So after you finish Chapter 1, you can access the area below Palm Falls, which opens up a whole new lot of areas. Ruined Valley looks like an abandoned city. I'll post a picture soon, whenever my internet lets me upload anything -_-


Where's the Demo?

So I said the demo would be released about 3 days ago. The reason why it isn't up yet is purely because my internet is morbidly slow. I'm actually on my mobile updating this because it's better.

Basically, the demo SHOULD be up this week. The second I know what exact day I will post here, but all I can say right now is that I'm aiming to get the demo up this week.

If you were looking forward to the demo, I'm sorry it's up so late.


Update #10: Demo imminent... New reveals...

OK, so where I am it's July 2nd (I started writing on the first). Right now the game is uploading.
So, depending on your timezone, the demo will be up either July 1st or July 2nd.
My internet here is pretty slow (on holiday in Wales), so sorry if it's a bit late, it's out of my control.
OK, now the demo update is over, here's a general game update.

Chapter 1 - The Swarm, is a pretty emotional chapter. You get a lot of backstory on Dread and Rhen. Ken has no backstory in Chapter 1 since he is just introduced near the end.
After Cloud Town, the game is really fast paced, but there is shown side things that you can come back to later. This is just so you don't ever go back anywhere, and you have a reason to explore each town to the fullest.
Also, the tents are explained thanks to a certain even in SkyGuard Town (which is referenced in Cloud Town's Thief Guild).

Now, news!

-After Cloud Town, you get the boat. Although, at this point, the other water areas around the earlier towns can't be accessed. That's for Chapter 2.

-Takketi is a robot/golem thing. It understands every language but can't speak.

-The graveyard in Cold Forest is HILARIOUS.

-There's a reason Chapter 1 has its name, and it's not revealed in Chapter 1.

That's all, link will be up soon, good night people!


Update #9: New Video, Demo #2 on Sunday

Yeah ok so I've pretty much done chapter 1.
It's just the first big dungeon that needs doing.
Meanwhile, to get you pumped, this is a sub-boss that you battle before you meet Ken.

In other news, the second demo is out on July 1st. This version doesn't have the random weather system since a proper system is being made. However, it does have a fleshed out Monster Catalogue and monster recruiting system.


Update #8: Next demo imminent... Here's what you need to know

Ok, quick fire list.
The next demo is (or should be) out on Sunday for y'all to enjoy.
I've checked through bugs and refined a few features, and made map edits.
You'll also be able to enjoy the first proper dungeon and get more on the story.

For now though, here's a quick list of the changes and updates.

-Palm Falls has doubled in size
-The way the game starts is totally different
-Dalton gives you a battling tutorial when you have Rhen and the sword
-There's a cave in Palm Falls
-There is now a Thief's Guild in Cloud Town that involves a side quest
-The quest system isn't fully up yet. That's probably in Demo #3 when/if there is one
-You will LOVE Ken
-You might actually cry... Not from how terrible I am, but from the emotion... Seriously
-Enjoy the non-RTP monsters!
-Monster capturing fully stable

Be excited for the demo.


Update #7: Did you miss me?

5 days with no updates. I'm not dead. Here's what's going on.

I've been majorly re-working many aspects of the game including maps and the way events work. To give you an idea of how it works now, before you leave Palm Falls you battle Blade Princess Dalton. Her full name is Zora Dalton, and she's a mysterious woman who appears to people in need of help.
I can't say where she's from or exactly who she is because... Well, it'll become clear soon.

Next, all monster graphics but one have been REPLACED. That's right, RTP monsters are out. The monsters are mostly the same, but with different graphics.
I've also made the beginning monsters a bit weaker too, since I'm balancing out the characters and making them able to beat early monsters easily.

Now, the Charge Town Education Centre has been replaced with a mountain range type area with a small farm. It's here where you get given a Fishing Rod for finding a certain item in an awkward-to-reach treasure chest.

Now I'm getting to work on the dungeon where the boss is a big golem.


Update #6: If you think you know how the game will pan out you're wrong

I don't plan on making demos every month, but yeah.
Demo #2 is pretty much gonna be the definitive demo since every bug will be fixed and you'll be able to play all the way through Chapter 1.
If you don't count the month long hiatus this game was on before I officially revealed it (May - June), It's taken me about 4-5 weeks to do this, which means it'll take an average of 5 weeks to finish making each chapter. What does this mean for it's final release? Summer 2013!

But yeah, here's some of what will be in Demo #2

-Compatibility for at least four password maps
-Possibly a complete weather fix
-Attractive interior maps
-A LOT of story progression

Also, no matter how cliche the game looks thus far, you will certainly not be able to predict how it ends. Oh no sir.

Finally, a new batch of screenshots is coming later on which will show the other half of Cloud Town, an updated map and a first look at the second password map.
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