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Update #5: Possibly the biggest update so far. MUST READ!

Ok, the somewhat short wait is over. Back in April I revealed that there would be maps that could only be accessed by a password.
Well, I can happily reveal the first password map and its password.
Watch the video below to find out Venus Hill's password.

After all that excitement, let me reveal a new feature or two...
Edit: Monster capturing works differently. From the beginning, you can recruit monsters.
Some mechanics are best left straight away ^_^
So yeah, there we go. Hopefully the second map and recruiting has got you pumped for the next demo, eh?


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The password map and whole idea is sweet. The monster capturing is epic. This is very cool.
Cheers dude, I haven't yet seen another RM game with either of these features other than Pokemon fan-games.
I havent seen any other RMN makers that say cheers either. :) :)
Apparently I'm popular here. Maybe my awesome brain and down-to-earth attitude is why...
Apparently I'm popular here. Maybe my awesome brain and down-to-earth attitude is why...
No, its the hat.
Ok, I hate to bring this up, but I really think you have yo tone down the pace of your updates. There are like two of your blogs in the frontpage at any given time! Don't you think that a bit too much? I'll give it to you that at least your blogs aren't boring one-liners like other people's, but believe me, nobody is waiting impatiently for another update of your game either.

Try and be more considerate to your fellow community members and blog at least once per week or something like that...
I know, I just had so much to post about.
Do not worry, everything will tone down now, since the last version of the first demo is out, and I have less to reveal.
I won't neglect anything, but rest assured, my updates will be less frequent.

By the by, could I so cheeky as to request a review of my demo?
Very well then. And you can, but not from me. =P I don't feel confident enough to write reviews. Try the forums, there's a thread were you can ask for a review and the next person who feels like writing one may take your request into consideration. Link ...Good luck!
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