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Update #6: If you think you know how the game will pan out you're wrong

I don't plan on making demos every month, but yeah.
Demo #2 is pretty much gonna be the definitive demo since every bug will be fixed and you'll be able to play all the way through Chapter 1.
If you don't count the month long hiatus this game was on before I officially revealed it (May - June), It's taken me about 4-5 weeks to do this, which means it'll take an average of 5 weeks to finish making each chapter. What does this mean for it's final release? Summer 2013!

But yeah, here's some of what will be in Demo #2

-Compatibility for at least four password maps
-Possibly a complete weather fix
-Attractive interior maps
-A LOT of story progression

Also, no matter how cliche the game looks thus far, you will certainly not be able to predict how it ends. Oh no sir.

Finally, a new batch of screenshots is coming later on which will show the other half of Cloud Town, an updated map and a first look at the second password map.


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Haha :3
The antagonist isn't really as big of a problem as I made it out to be.
I'm just one of those guys who googles game cliches all the time xD
and can really give out red flags for things of that sort.
I assume you've read this then?

Also, I will admit that the golem that Pandora's trying to revive will be battled, and so will Pandora, but not at the same dungeon...
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