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Update #8: Next demo imminent... Here's what you need to know

Ok, quick fire list.
The next demo is (or should be) out on Sunday for y'all to enjoy.
I've checked through bugs and refined a few features, and made map edits.
You'll also be able to enjoy the first proper dungeon and get more on the story.

For now though, here's a quick list of the changes and updates.

-Palm Falls has doubled in size
-The way the game starts is totally different
-Dalton gives you a battling tutorial when you have Rhen and the sword
-There's a cave in Palm Falls
-There is now a Thief's Guild in Cloud Town that involves a side quest
-The quest system isn't fully up yet. That's probably in Demo #3 when/if there is one
-You will LOVE Ken
-You might actually cry... Not from how terrible I am, but from the emotion... Seriously
-Enjoy the non-RTP monsters!
-Monster capturing fully stable

Be excited for the demo.


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Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
dude are you gonna implement the new title edit or?someting?
dude are you gonna implement the new title edit or?someting?
Title edit?
Cant wait to catch me some monsters.
Cant wait to catch me some monsters.
It's awesome. There's also a system where you can swap and change party members. Some party members are locked, like Dread and Rhen, but there is always two slots to put whatever you want. It'll also shake up the enemy leveling system a bit, the awesomeness of that script shines the most when you have about 8 party members.
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