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Update #10: Demo imminent... New reveals...

OK, so where I am it's July 2nd (I started writing on the first). Right now the game is uploading.
So, depending on your timezone, the demo will be up either July 1st or July 2nd.
My internet here is pretty slow (on holiday in Wales), so sorry if it's a bit late, it's out of my control.
OK, now the demo update is over, here's a general game update.

Chapter 1 - The Swarm, is a pretty emotional chapter. You get a lot of backstory on Dread and Rhen. Ken has no backstory in Chapter 1 since he is just introduced near the end.
After Cloud Town, the game is really fast paced, but there is shown side things that you can come back to later. This is just so you don't ever go back anywhere, and you have a reason to explore each town to the fullest.
Also, the tents are explained thanks to a certain even in SkyGuard Town (which is referenced in Cloud Town's Thief Guild).

Now, news!

-After Cloud Town, you get the boat. Although, at this point, the other water areas around the earlier towns can't be accessed. That's for Chapter 2.

-Takketi is a robot/golem thing. It understands every language but can't speak.

-The graveyard in Cold Forest is HILARIOUS.

-There's a reason Chapter 1 has its name, and it's not revealed in Chapter 1.

That's all, link will be up soon, good night people!


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Good night and a job well done.
Cheers dude. Hopefully when I get this demo up I'll get a ton of supporters for this XD
Yeah based on all the updates youve done, it sounds like its really coming along. All the features added are top notch.
I'm actually really excited.
I mean, there are some MASSIVE story points in Chapter 1 alone that you don't even realise are story points. It's great already having a massive idea of what's gonna happen.
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