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(HS) Senior Project was a very interesting endeavor these past few months. We were given near-total freedom in what we could do, as long as we worked at least twenty-five hours and completed all paperwork for the class. Initially, I drafted up parts of an overly ambitious project -- though nowhere near as extensive as the awesome epics dotting the RM community -- complete with a simple plot, having the potential to expand if necessary; three main characters, mostly diverse among one another and all having some unique mechanic; a setting drawn up from scratch; and zero resource plagiarism. Following a decision to scrap that project due to terrible planning and stupidly ambitious goals for my lack of experience, that got scrapped. Though for the sake of the class, I racked up well over twenty hours on music creation alone, I still wanted something somewhat playable before term's end.

Depth isn't quite 'deep:' You play as a green blob, collecting less-blob-like things to grow while avoiding nasty black obstacles. Collecting the not-black-or-grey things grants you points and makes you larger, and getting hit by black causes you to lose some points, health and size. If you fall below a certain size, the highscore menu pops up and it restarts from there.

Done in GM 8.1 with 100% GML and original resources.


Right Click: Move
Left Click: Use Selected Ability
Q: Switch to Gripper
W: Switch to Shield
E: Switch to Dash
R: Caw caw caw

...And yeah. Have fun!

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Guardian Ghost of the Description Thread
I swear, I already had a comment here. Whatever.

Seems simple enough in concept. In execution, however? Well, there's only one way to find out!
Guardian Ghost of the Description Thread
I was able to reach a score of 1020 with just using the Grabber Arm. I think that score was obtained in my fourth try at the game, though.

Each play of the game doesn't seem to last long! I played those four games in maybe ten minutes, tops. Which puts it in the same general category as Marie Goes to Space, with respect to play time. As far as replayability is concerned, this game has a slightly higher replay value than Marie.
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