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Taking a Break

Sorry all, the last while has been a bit crazy between the new job, my band, and some family issues. As a result, I've been forced to place this on hiatus again, hopefully only for a month or two, but we'll see.

The only project that isn't on hiatus for me atm is Mafiosi, so make sure to check that out to tide you over (the story is much better in it anyway).

I'll report back when I finally get some time to spend on this again.

Progress Report

News for all :O

So, I'm gonna really get back on track with this now. 51 subs is quite a bit, and I really want to move ahead with it. I think I've rested enough from RM, and it's time to get back to work.

First things first, I'm doing another playthrough to make sure there are no lasting bugs. Secondly, I've still gotta finish the level designs up. Thirdly, I'm canceling the Fan Disks. They just aren't a high enough priority with all the other projects I'm working on, and I am finally starting to want to sit down and plan Fragile Hearts III.

I do apologize for the breaks I've been taking on this game.

Progress Report

Quick Update

While I'm slowly piecing away at this, I've kinda gotten away from RM over the last couple months, as I've needed the break since finishing Fragile Hearts 2. The level mapping has been a bit of a bitch, so it's not the most appealing creative outlet for me atm.

Anyways, my August completion estimate was probably a little premature. Never say never, but I believe it'll still be a while yet. Anyways, I may end up releasing the brushed up demo that went to testers to whet people's appetites. Hopefully that'll make up for my poor estimation. Also, the game has a whopping 47 subs, so I can tell there are a few people who are quite excited for this (I have actually found ads for it on VN forums, completely by accident lol).

I'm still in a re-testing phase right now, trying to figure out exactly what still needs to be done before I can move on to the main routes. More updates to come!


Sample Writing

Hello, subbers! Seeing as how this game's release is still a few months away, I'd like to invite you all to check out my new kinetic novel I've been writing, MAFIOSI: LE LORO COSA.

Click Here

A download will be up in the next couple days with the first quarter of the finished product. You can simply keep the savefiles and use them with newer versions as they are released, or you can use the one I keep inside of it for you (I'll make sure it is always up to date with the latest release).

This has become quite a passion project of mine over the last couple of months. In fact, it's kind of forced its way into becoming my main game priority atm. Don't worry, I'm still hard at work on Memories Neverlasting, but Mafiosi is a much more involved writing experience and therefore, it's a story I care much more about.

Anyhow, for those who wish to sample my writing, this should serve as an interesting little gateway experience while you wait for this game's release.

Progress Report

Everything's fine and dandy.

Still working away at the finishing touches of day 2 of the common route (for those who remember, there are 6 in all). I'm also beta testing as I go along, so that should help with the production time even further. So far I haven't run into anything too messy, the odd switch I forgot to turn on here and there is all. The most tedious part right now is adding the items and enemies to the maps, which I'll have to do before moving on to the next common route day.

As my day 1 beta players suggested, I added a weak attack that can be used at any time by any character. It's another key item, instead of a regular attack, but that's just how I wanna keep it.

Character routes will be finished off last, after the common route is done. The first of which will have the missions being made at the same time, so it'll take longer than others. It'll be smooth sailing from there, as I can relax and let the writer in me take over completely. Ah, how I long for that phase...

So, I want to aim for a July release, or at least be well into beta testing by then (as in testing done by others, not myself). It's pretty much a lot of tedium from now on until I'm finished the common route, but it's nice that I'm getting a refresher of the story as I move along at least.

So, I've just had an awful time with Windows 7 and png edits in any program. I know it seems to be working for other RMN users, but I can't seem to get any of my GIMP conversions to be recognized by rm2k3. As a result, the character portraits are going to remain pretty subpar. It's unfortunate, but it's the way things are right now. Hopefully on a future update of the game I'll eventually be able to fix them up, but right now it's become a low priority, especially since I have so many other projects to get to after this (including some fan disks for this game).


Full Speed Ahead!

The Latest
FH2 is pretty much all out of the way now (at least until the time comes to edit beta test bugs), and MN is now my main priority. I know I've let this sit for far too many months (and so far into development too), but I really believe it'll have a pretty short production period from this point onward.

The most difficult part of getting back into this will be re-reading pretty much every conversation over again and trying to figure out where I am. Aside from the missions and their short cutscenes, all that I'll need to do is complete the various end routes. All in all, as I've said previously, I'm probably about halfway finished the game in its entirety.

In Other SBester News
I'm doing a bunch of different things. Aside from making last minute touches to FH2, I'm also restructuring Eden Legacy 4, writing a kinetic novel (not this one), and I recently decided I'd try my hand at making something with Ashes of Emerald's TMNT tech demo. It never ends for me.

Expect frequent updates from ~MN~ from now on!

Progress Report

Reworking some stuff

Based on some feedback from the preview demo, I'm trying to fix some things up and redo some others. I took a few weeks off to clear my head a bit so I could come back at it in full force. I think FH2 got a decent amount of progress in that time, and it's time to focus on this again.

I think since I'm reworking some of the gameplay elements, I'll make the dungeons before I move onto the individual character arcs. That'll be a little bit of back and forth, but hopefully it'll be worth it in the end and it will be a smoother transition later on.

Anyways, thanks to all who were involved in giving me feedback! It's going to be very useful to me during this next phase.


Beta News

Marrend was kind enough to point out the current bugs in the demo. See below:


-Going into Shujo's office seems to repeat the same message over and over again.

-Re-entering the Bar after talking with Kazuma doesn't make the character re-appear after the sequence is done.

-I'm getting a repeat event at the Auditorium.


Those bugs have now been fixed, and I can move on to finishing phase 2 very soon. I'm about a day away from finishing the new FH version, so very soon means VERY soon.

Marrend will also be helping out with beta testing when I complete the full version, so thank you again! To anyone who hasn't yet, I recommend trying out Marrend's "Arbiters From Another World". I had fun with it, which has been a rare occurrence for me on VX titles, so be sure to check it out.

As a last bit of news, my cousin has joined the community. I have learned a lot from her over the years (much of my writing can be attributed to her help), and she was the person who got me into RPGs all those years ago (as reluctant as I was at the beginning). Check out her project, Mortals of Midgard, here:



Demo ready. Ask for a link!

I admittedly didn't get around to making any graphical edits yet, so the character art is still very poor looking (for instance, lots of white specs around character profiles, Apo has awful purple hair that will be fixed and changed to black, etc). If you can forgive that for the moment, then go ahead and ask for a link.

I am sending the link to those who have asked for it right now, so they should all have it in the next 10 or so minutes. I'm hoping everything goes smoothly enough, but it's still in a very raw form atm, so please bear that in mind. I also tested it myself without the help of amerk this time, as he will be beta testing the full version instead. It is very possible that I missed something crucial.

Also, you can save anywhere in the game at this point, so hopefully that won't screw anyone over.

Time for me to get back to beta testing FH v.1.3, as I've held off too long on that.


Regarding a "Limited Distribution" demo

Availability Issue

Due to the jump in progress this game has had recently, I previously blogged that I "could" and probably would make a short demo available. However, I don't want widespread availability for it due to (1) the raw graphical status of some of the characters, (2) lack of beta testing, and (3) the many changes that are bound to occur before the game reaches completion. Rather than throwing it in my locker as previously planned, I decided I'll just put it on mediafire and send the link to only those who have expressed interest in playing this short preview chapter.


The demo will consist of the first day/episode/chapter/whatever. This includes walking around and meeting a few characters, getting a general sense of the overall plot and your role in it, and then the first gameplay mission. It's a preview, short and simple, and the length of your playthrough will depend on how many rooms you decide to explore before moving forward with the mission.

Production Status

Well, I'm mostly finished. I worked through making the rest of the first gameplay mission yesterday specifically so that this demo could be released early, and only a few things need to be done before it's ready. Things I need to do are as follows:

-Finish prologue (Which is extremely short)
-Double check my list of credits
-Create mission debrief (again, really short)
-Add directional signs in academy
-Beta test for teleport functionality, spelling and grammar, and battle balancing.

I may throw in a couple of graphical fixes beforehand as well, since I won't be able to release this until sometime next week anyway (I'm going on vacation Sunday through Tuesday).

Anyways, comment below or on the main page if you're interested in the preview demo.

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