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Regarding a "Limited Distribution" demo

  • sbester
  • 08/09/2012 08:07 PM
Availability Issue

Due to the jump in progress this game has had recently, I previously blogged that I "could" and probably would make a short demo available. However, I don't want widespread availability for it due to (1) the raw graphical status of some of the characters, (2) lack of beta testing, and (3) the many changes that are bound to occur before the game reaches completion. Rather than throwing it in my locker as previously planned, I decided I'll just put it on mediafire and send the link to only those who have expressed interest in playing this short preview chapter.


The demo will consist of the first day/episode/chapter/whatever. This includes walking around and meeting a few characters, getting a general sense of the overall plot and your role in it, and then the first gameplay mission. It's a preview, short and simple, and the length of your playthrough will depend on how many rooms you decide to explore before moving forward with the mission.

Production Status

Well, I'm mostly finished. I worked through making the rest of the first gameplay mission yesterday specifically so that this demo could be released early, and only a few things need to be done before it's ready. Things I need to do are as follows:

-Finish prologue (Which is extremely short)
-Double check my list of credits
-Create mission debrief (again, really short)
-Add directional signs in academy
-Beta test for teleport functionality, spelling and grammar, and battle balancing.

I may throw in a couple of graphical fixes beforehand as well, since I won't be able to release this until sometime next week anyway (I'm going on vacation Sunday through Tuesday).

Anyways, comment below or on the main page if you're interested in the preview demo.


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Guardian of the Description Thread
Sounds doable to me.
Okay, so last update before my vacation begins:

Beta testing for episode 1 has begun. Spent a good hour and a half on it so far, and there were a couple hiccups so far, but nothing I wasn't able to fix. I'm still not quite finished editing the scenes, but almost. I'll deal with beta testing the gameplay parts after my vacation, and then the demo will be available for those who want it.
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