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Beta News

  • sbester
  • 08/16/2012 04:40 PM
Marrend was kind enough to point out the current bugs in the demo. See below:


-Going into Shujo's office seems to repeat the same message over and over again.

-Re-entering the Bar after talking with Kazuma doesn't make the character re-appear after the sequence is done.

-I'm getting a repeat event at the Auditorium.


Those bugs have now been fixed, and I can move on to finishing phase 2 very soon. I'm about a day away from finishing the new FH version, so very soon means VERY soon.

Marrend will also be helping out with beta testing when I complete the full version, so thank you again! To anyone who hasn't yet, I recommend trying out Marrend's "Arbiters From Another World". I had fun with it, which has been a rare occurrence for me on VX titles, so be sure to check it out.

As a last bit of news, my cousin has joined the community. I have learned a lot from her over the years (much of my writing can be attributed to her help), and she was the person who got me into RPGs all those years ago (as reluctant as I was at the beginning). Check out her project, Mortals of Midgard, here:



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Kudos to Marrend for a prompt response.
I've had to put demo-trying off until the weekend due to irl stuff. Always some damn thing getting in the way of my RMing.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Thanks for the shout-out, sbester. Now, let's check out this Mortals of Midgaurd...
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