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Full Speed Ahead!

  • sbester
  • 02/04/2013 01:49 AM
The Latest
FH2 is pretty much all out of the way now (at least until the time comes to edit beta test bugs), and MN is now my main priority. I know I've let this sit for far too many months (and so far into development too), but I really believe it'll have a pretty short production period from this point onward.

The most difficult part of getting back into this will be re-reading pretty much every conversation over again and trying to figure out where I am. Aside from the missions and their short cutscenes, all that I'll need to do is complete the various end routes. All in all, as I've said previously, I'm probably about halfway finished the game in its entirety.

In Other SBester News
I'm doing a bunch of different things. Aside from making last minute touches to FH2, I'm also restructuring Eden Legacy 4, writing a kinetic novel (not this one), and I recently decided I'd try my hand at making something with Ashes of Emerald's TMNT tech demo. It never ends for me.

Expect frequent updates from ~MN~ from now on!


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Guardian of the Description Thread
I was wondering when you were going to get around to working on this again. No pressure, though.
Yeah, FH2 took up a lot more time than I'd hoped. On the plus side though, I can return to this now with a fresh perspective and make some much needed changes to the gameplay.

Edit: I've posted a few more screens from the work I've done over the past couple days. I'm nearing completion of three whole mission areas (only 5 more to go after that), so I suppose progress is coming as easy as ever for this little game!
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