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Everything's fine and dandy.

  • sbester
  • 03/21/2013 10:23 PM
Still working away at the finishing touches of day 2 of the common route (for those who remember, there are 6 in all). I'm also beta testing as I go along, so that should help with the production time even further. So far I haven't run into anything too messy, the odd switch I forgot to turn on here and there is all. The most tedious part right now is adding the items and enemies to the maps, which I'll have to do before moving on to the next common route day.

As my day 1 beta players suggested, I added a weak attack that can be used at any time by any character. It's another key item, instead of a regular attack, but that's just how I wanna keep it.

Character routes will be finished off last, after the common route is done. The first of which will have the missions being made at the same time, so it'll take longer than others. It'll be smooth sailing from there, as I can relax and let the writer in me take over completely. Ah, how I long for that phase...

So, I want to aim for a July release, or at least be well into beta testing by then (as in testing done by others, not myself). It's pretty much a lot of tedium from now on until I'm finished the common route, but it's nice that I'm getting a refresher of the story as I move along at least.

So, I've just had an awful time with Windows 7 and png edits in any program. I know it seems to be working for other RMN users, but I can't seem to get any of my GIMP conversions to be recognized by rm2k3. As a result, the character portraits are going to remain pretty subpar. It's unfortunate, but it's the way things are right now. Hopefully on a future update of the game I'll eventually be able to fix them up, but right now it's become a low priority, especially since I have so many other projects to get to after this (including some fan disks for this game).


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What exactly is wrong with your .pngs?

If they aren't showing up for import, it could be because you have GIMP or RM2k3 or both installed in the 'program files' or 'program files(x86)' directory, which is stupidly finicky about everything because of UAC stupidness. Never ever install anything in there if you can help it, use your user directory or c drive instead. :D Don't save any files in there either, put those in documents or picture or whatever other directories.

You might be able to access things as is if you run the .exes as administrator and there are ways to turn off UAC, but it's easiest just to re-install to directories you have complete control over.
Wow, that's a great tip, monkeynohito! Thanks! I do in fact have them both installed to Program Files, so it's very possible that's the problem. I'll hafta try that out sometime before release.
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