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Quick Update

  • sbester
  • 06/01/2013 04:54 AM
While I'm slowly piecing away at this, I've kinda gotten away from RM over the last couple months, as I've needed the break since finishing Fragile Hearts 2. The level mapping has been a bit of a bitch, so it's not the most appealing creative outlet for me atm.

Anyways, my August completion estimate was probably a little premature. Never say never, but I believe it'll still be a while yet. Anyways, I may end up releasing the brushed up demo that went to testers to whet people's appetites. Hopefully that'll make up for my poor estimation. Also, the game has a whopping 47 subs, so I can tell there are a few people who are quite excited for this (I have actually found ads for it on VN forums, completely by accident lol).

I'm still in a re-testing phase right now, trying to figure out exactly what still needs to be done before I can move on to the main routes. More updates to come!