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Hamagashi Saito (Main Character)- New student at the academy.

Female Students

Chanase Apo-A sweet, quiet girl who mostly keeps to herself.

Mao Haruka- An athletic girl who wants nothing more than to escape from the academy and pursue other life goals.

Hakano Momo- A very intelligent girl who is rumored to have a terminal illness.

Oku Ren- Misses her boyfriend, but wondering if she should move on.

Utamara Rina- A former student of the academy, now works as an assistant.

Utamara Sakura- known to be quite vain, Sakura believes her reputation is more important than all other things in life.

Aoi Soomi- A girl with a natural curiosity and a knack for science.

Mikata Kaoru- A very bored girl who loves her wine and mischief.

Male Students

Yucho Kazuma- a friendly student with a competitive spirit and an eye for the ladies.

Obawa Kenichi- A mean spirited loner who is often quick to put people down.

Chenoku Lan - A dude that likes to mess around and play pranks.


Aniki Shujo- Principal of the academy. Always flustered, always tired, never really in control.

Katanara, Shinji- Works as a researcher with the students and staff, helps with explorations and equipment.

Sensei Namada- She pretty much runs everything by herself. Acts as a teacher and counselor, but most students try to steer clear of her path.