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The dance of the world is choreographed by the Storytellers, ancient Immortals who bring life and give history to Averell with their wisdom in lores and their eternal warnings against an unholy temple containing the Hellfire, a power of unknown origin.
However, it appears that after centuries of peace, the Hellfire is being sought by the Goblins, a race with which the humans have been at war with since the dawn of history, no doubt related to recent mumblings of the return of the Goblin King…

An ABS running game that has you playing as multiple characters and viewing the story from different points of view in a strongly story-driven game that intends to show you one face of something, then skew preconceptions. As you journey through the world in an effort to discover what's actually going on in the world, and to discover what the Hellfire is, you'll have to fight some of the very characters you've already played as!

All the updates, information, screenies, videos & demos for the game are here:

Latest Blog

Chp2 Dungeons finally built - also; a twitter!

Have got two more dungeons built up now and am just adding the second subsection to chapter 2 and refining the dungeons, as well as polishing off the city. The graphics/mapping is starting to get a bit lazy, as I'm running out of tilesets and with two projects on the go, I can't afford to keep running around looking for unique tiles and music etc for every map in each game right now (there are plans to accomodate for this in the future though, but for now it's just going to have to be dealt with, unfortunately). Of course, have plenty of optional side-story involved, and have made sure all the side missions are optional, however they're recommended as the final dungeon is nails; I'm still trying to balance it out, as I just got my ass kicked by the boss!

Also, after having seen Peter Molydeuxs twitter and have been readin' it, have got myself a wee account there for spitting out my plans for either game without going on and making some huge post (like this) for every single update. Seems like the purpose of the thing and I could definitely use something that's designed for smaller bits of info.

S'lookin' good! Are you excited? I'm excited!



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to bad this game is dead it seems 3 years later and the creator forgot to mark it as canceled o.o
so the fix feed back i can skip! :D
guh this sucks i enjoyed this sooooo much i wanted more! and its dead ;(
the link in the latest blog is dead
: (

unfortunate stuff aside i loved this game. letting the player pic there own character with a sufficient lvl of customization to be satisfied :3
the mapping was awesome!
the story is difficult to remember for me anyway. character names and such :3

despite it being incomplete i highly recommend trying this. maybe if lucky someone else will take up the mantle and finish this? :3
ABS with Ace? Oh my...
Anyway, if i wanna use "abs" i use Mikes 001, and i also use... ( and Levels up to 255..?)

Brady: are you liked that new charater maker style? or use?

Almost so nice mapping at Indiera¨s hits!
edit 2:
i heal Kata, and press esc... urf sorry, is there someone more go to menus?
And these attackmoves? are that represent ep or minpower or... ( ki)

I look forward of that game!

Was Built From Pixels Up
Ah, aye this is VXA, I'm trying to use it to the best of it's potential, given my knowledge and some elbow grease ;)
oh i meen Ace´s version...
not "game"...
Was Built From Pixels Up
The version uploaded on this site is the latest version (with ABS). For the mediafire link or for the older versions, there's a list here.
Was Built From Pixels Up
If you let me know any sp.'s, just let me know so I can go in and fix them. I try to keep the text as coherent as possible, but I'm doing it all myself and my alpha testers are just running through the game, not drafting the text.

In the sewers, when you get stuck after jumping, you can fix it by jumping back to the previous one, I've never found myself perm stuck and I don't think I can do much to fix certain things like that, due to the pixel movement :(

Thanks for the feedback :)
I find the game pretty good. I've only played a bit so far, and I like it, except for some recurrent spelling mistakes and the fact that it's VERY easy to get pushed into the fire by the first imperial, which spells instant death. In the sewers after taking control of your character, I found it INCREDIBLY easy to get stuck when jumping between platforms. I quit out of frustration the third time it happened.
Was Built From Pixels Up
The uploaded download is a demo, which consists of Chapter One of the game. It's the full chapter, but a demo of the full game, as there'll be more chapters to come :)

The official blog contains previous versions, one of which is longer than the latest version.
Is that demo or almost full? (from trial or Full?)

Was Built From Pixels Up
Glad you think so! Shame about the distaste in the art style, personally it's my favourite look for it. After lookin' at the vibrant power colours, regular RTP seems so pale and dusty to me, but hey, I just dig the trippy colours ;D

And also, just gone and updated the demo/screenies now since I've brought the ABS rerelease to life :D
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
Interesting, but the heavy outlines on everything aren't so good. Subbed.
Was Built From Pixels Up
Cheers, 13th; it's good to hear some enthusiasm! :D

It's not got as many main characters as Suik, but all the characters will be relevant to the story, despite being drastically separated from each other. There'll also be a focus on the "You" character and let you play minis of the others (more like BoF4, but with more characters)

Also, am going back and retroactively converting the game into ABS, as I feel this will vastly improve the feel of the game. Much has changed since the demo :D

THis looks amazingly cool! Can't wait to see more and learn more about the project. What's the demo look like? It sounds a little like Suikoden, with the different-characters-all-weaving-into-one-storyline element. Totes keeping this on subscribe!
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