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Chp2 Dungeons finally built - also; a twitter!

  • Brady
  • 07/12/2012 05:49 AM
Have got two more dungeons built up now and am just adding the second subsection to chapter 2 and refining the dungeons, as well as polishing off the city. The graphics/mapping is starting to get a bit lazy, as I'm running out of tilesets and with two projects on the go, I can't afford to keep running around looking for unique tiles and music etc for every map in each game right now (there are plans to accomodate for this in the future though, but for now it's just going to have to be dealt with, unfortunately). Of course, have plenty of optional side-story involved, and have made sure all the side missions are optional, however they're recommended as the final dungeon is nails; I'm still trying to balance it out, as I just got my ass kicked by the boss!

Also, after having seen Peter Molydeuxs twitter and have been readin' it, have got myself a wee account there for spitting out my plans for either game without going on and making some huge post (like this) for every single update. Seems like the purpose of the thing and I could definitely use something that's designed for smaller bits of info.

S'lookin' good! Are you excited? I'm excited!