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Kairo, Belos, Abbot and Alexandra are strangers to one another... that is until they meet on one faithful day that will change their lives forever.
During the 40th annual Karkan festival, Velucia Empire moves in and takes over the town. Many are killed... with a few exceptions. The remaining survivors move into different towns and cities to hide from their horrible past.

Kairo has different plans...
Building his own Empire.


!!!New (March 1st)
Custom Quest log (See screen shots) Open the quest log from your items and use the cursor to choose one from the following options: Characters, Quests, Chocobo, and empire.

Characters: A viewer of every character you met in the game. Push the Character to get some info on them, or push the emoticon to see how they feel about you. I thought this was necessary because the game will be way to big to remember everyone you meet.

Quests: A list of quests reminding the player which quests are pending, and which quests are done. These quests will depend on who your friends with... and who your enemies with.

Chocobo: Check your chocobo stats. See if your chocobo is hungry or full, happy or sad etc. This screen also shows what upgrades you have purchased for your stable.

Empire: View stats on your empire. How many members, what rank your empire is in, and more.

*More coming soon*

Feb 31st:
While the game does follow a certain plot, there are many things the player can do to change what happens in middle, and end of the game. Interacting with NPCs are a big part of this. Depending on who your friends with (Or enemies with) cut scenes,rewards, and quests will be different. *These also effect the ending of the game.*

Game play explained further:

*Building a Empire*

Base Building:
A large part of Infinite Frontier is base building.A base is used for making an empire.
Once you have a base there are many things that you will be able to do to your base to make it better.
-Build separate rooms.
-Buy Furniture.
-Buy special items. (Such as radar)
-Upgrade items.
-Build a docking station. (For boats, airships, and submarines.)

Team Building:
Building an Empire doesn't only include making a huge base. It also includes people! That's why its
important to befriend people so you can build a big empire with lots of followers. *Check Befriending section*
You will only be able to recruit members depending on how many beds you have in your base.
The more members you have, the more missions/side quests you can do, and in turn, build your empire even
*ALSO* Depending you have, don't have, or also depending on your enemies, the games main story WILL change.

Rival Empires:
Prepare to go into some serious battles/wars with other Empires. Capturing a base will give you many items
+ surviving members of the other Empires.

Depending on what you do or say, characters will react to you in different ways. It might seem pretty simple,
but some characters won't react the way you think they will. Its all about pushing there buttons and seeing
what happens.

Sometimes its even better to make them an enemy rather then a friend. This is because you will be part of
mini-wars and in turn get really good items. Plus a more intense story will develop. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY,
there will the the rare character who might turn on you. You must be able to read the characters, beyond there words.
A sketchy character might turn on you. But even some characters who
seem sketchy, might not be. So its not as simple as you might think.

But its all about trial and error. This game will have high re playability because of that very reason.
You will see different cut scenes, play different missions, live a different life depending on what you do!

This also includes getting a girlfriend, and even married. Every girl (that you can hook up with) has
a different personality, likes different things, and will react differently depending on what you say to them...
or even other people.

Once married, you will be able to have a kid! And if you want your child to become a great legacy you must
teach him/her whatever values you want. You can even send them out (Once old enough) on missions and certain
tasks to build them up.

Raising a Chocobo:
Once you do a certain task during the game (Explained later in the guide) you will be able to raise
a chocobo! You will also need your base + a stable to raise the chocobo properly.
*If chocono is not fed within 1 hour it will be weak and cannot do training sessions or quests until fed twice.*
Training sessions can only be done every ten minutes. Quests can only be done every 20 minutes.
!!!!!!!**If not fed up to one hour and a half your chocobo will DIE (Only until adult)

1st: Egg
+20 RTM (Real time minutes)

2nd: Baby
+Greens every 20 RTM X (At least) Three times.
+3 Training Sessions (Speed, Strength & Intelligence)

3rd: Teen
+Greens every 20 RTM X Five times.
+3 Training Sessions
+4 Quests

4th: Adult
+Chocobo will take care of itself
+3 Training Sessions
+10 Quests
++Use in battle
+++Opens up opportunity to meet people during the races to join your empire

!!!More coming soon!!!

Latest Blog

Courtroom rules

Well folks, today was my return from court where I was in a case with my ex landlord. I WON!! hahaha. I'm feeling great right now.

So far in the game there are a total of 12 interactive NPCs.

There are a total of 6 quests. The player will be able to only play 2-3 of these quests only depending on what certain NPCs think of you.

The intro + first city is complete. Now I am working on a certain event that happens after this the first town is done. This task will very between 2 moments both with different cutscenes depending on what happened during the first town.

I have also began the chocobo raising system which is looking awesome.I definitely need to put that section in the DEMO. I'm working really hard for mid April guys.


If anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to ask.

Or maby even suggestions?
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This looks pretty good. I will be eagerly awaiting a download for this.
This has some awesome ideas! I really can't wait to try this. I'm keeping tabs on it, Good luck with it!
Thanks everyone. I setting the target release date for april.More leaning towards mid april. But I want it to be bug free so it all depends.
This sounds awesome. I'll definitely be following its progress. Good luck!
is this game cancelled or hiatus or something? it sounds like it might be pretty good
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