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A portrait of suspense & horror packed into the limitations of Rpg Maker.

  • Tau
  • 07/23/2012 03:50 PM

Neverm0re has tried to make a suspenseful survival horror in the vein of the old Resident Evil games within the confines of Rpg Maker 2003. While in part Picturesque achieves this aspect & if you're a fan of these type of games it shouldn't be missed. With having said that it doesn't mean you can overlook its flawed execution, pass ability issues, slow walking speed just to name a few. Well lets get oh with the review.

(I did, like 4 times!)

Picturesque starts you off in the shoes of Cecelia, an under appreciated reporter for a supernatural tabloid on her phone talking to her boss who's asking her to go investigate a haunted mansion in a forest close to the city.. Well Cecelia certainly does find out the mansion is indeed inhabited, but I'll let you guys play it yourself to see by what. Basically the game starts you off in the forest after that beginning cutscene of the conversation. You walk up to the house with the gate initially blocking your path, this is essentially where the gameplay begins, figuring out how to get over the gate and into the mansion.

(Ahh so cozy, I could almost dri-zZzZ)

In a game like this, atmosphere is everything. This is where the game shines the most. From the subtle use of the tile set, too adding lighting from windows and the gloomy tone and style of the musical score all seemed fitting almost perfectly giving you an added sense of tension and consistency through out. Another nice touch I felt went a long way was the subtle creepiness stemming from the mansion itself, from a killing room to darkened basements, disconnected phones, writing on the walls and the often reminiscent of Metroid Fusion sightings, I loved it. One thing did bother me though and that was some of the mapping, it was all over the place, not very consistent. Take the first room you enter in the mansion makes no sense whatsoever, it was just too huge and empty with a carpet that an idiot would only design. There was some nice little touches to the game though like the Resident Evil style save points with the typewriter(Although I found I could save almost anywhere anytime by going into the menu) to interactive objects.

(Must be a collector)

Gameplay is probably where the game is a mixed bag. On one hand the puzzles and clue finding are handled well. But on the hand the slow walking speed of the main character and chase moments are awkward and honestly frustrating at times. Cecelia uses her camera from time to time, such as flashing in a dark room to see where you're going to pictures of clues such as a blackboard. Difficulty wise really only comes down to bugs and the chase scenes mixed in. Puzzles often leave you enough breathing space and aren't too hard, but they're not so easy as to walk through them all. If you've ever played an old Resident Evil you'll be right at home with Picturesque.

In the end Picturesque has proven itself to be a competent 2D horror with some interesting ideas behind it. A portrait of suspense & horror packed into the limitations of Rpg Maker.


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the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Good review and nice score, I pretty much feel the same.
If you like the old RE/SH games, then this is excellent to spend some time on.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence

I can't decide if I want to play this or not because your review does not say anything about how the WRITING is.

Also, how long is this game?
RMN sex symbol
Length? Hour and half I'd say. Really depends on how long it takes you to figure out how to progress. Writing? There really isn't any cutscenes so most of what you're reading is encrypted clues or examining objects. It's decent though, nothing really bad but nothing that stands out much either.
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