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Note: I updated the wrong game profile! This page is actually for a mini-project Dungeon Crawler I was playing about with. For anyone who was reading this for "Colonist", the real game profile is here :)

TDC is a mini-project I made as to self-teach, mostly about what I can do with variables by letting levels, gold, treasures, chests and individual floors all be randomised, as well as keeping track of score and recycling deaths. That is the game, and pretty much all the game is. There's no story to speak of, you're simply a person with a choice of two classes and sent on a mission to advance through the cave and reach the villain at the end, while dealing with randomised levels varying from small and rewardless to large and flooded with enemies and treasure!

Latest Blog

TDC Update - Balancing, Fixes, Tutorials, Mage Class!

So, after receiving a number of reviews thanks to RMNs August review drive for the NaGaDeMo event (of which Dungeon Crawler was a part of) and had expected feedback (after all, it was a game I made in a day, it’s really just what it says on the tin!) but there were some issues that shouldn’t have been in there, mini-project or otherwise.

I’ve gone over the game and given it a polish up in an effort to keep it a smooth, non-annoying playthrough (I accept that it’ll be less exciting than a heavily worked on game, but whether it’s fun or not, there should be no bugs or grievances).

These changes include:
  • Removing lighting effects from floors with fireballs, to help reduce lag

  • Going over the enemies stats and increasing the overall difficulty of the game

  • Made the “cutscenes” on the final floor flow better and end quicker

  • Balance-checking on the final floor, to make sure it is possible, but challenging and requiring high-end gear

  • Fixed a problem with the Dog boss so that he’s not direction fixed and can attack from all sides now

  • Changing the skeleton group on the final floor so that they chase you, instead of just mull around

  • Fixing the bug with the boss which crashed the game before you could fight him

  • Added lv2 Skills as well as the lv10 skills

  • Added a new class – Mage, who has a lv1 skill as well as the other two

  • Added “tutorial” textboxes that explain the three control buttons

Hopefully this will keep the game more exciting for now until as and when I work on it again. For the time being, there should be no bugs at least. (If there are any more bugs found, just let me know and I can fix them). Have…fun, I guess!

The Demo can be found both here and on my blog:
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Was Built From Pixels Up
Whoops! I updated the wrong profile; the latest profile/blog updates were actually intended for another game; "Colonist" which can be found here.

TDC has no updates and is a complete mini-project.
yo @Brady
I'm Niji, a Bruneian 14 years old RPG Maker user.
May I ask your permittion to use "Brady" from this game for my upcoming game?
May I? Please? I can beg :3
Action RPG with free movement. Game started me off with overpowered gear, but I still managed to get twoshotted by fireballs in pitch darkness. Didnt feel like continuing.
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