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Game totally redone,
Added Mack tiles,
New features
Title Screen

Tale of Blades

A Tale of Thieves who become Heroes.

Introducing myself:

Greeting to everyone, I'm Kunam. I have been playing with RPGM Vx for awhile now,
have gotten very use to it. This is actually my third game, but the other two were
just "tests" for myself to get more experienced. This game is still being developed, and
currently going slow due to my job, and me being the only one working on it. I like to make
games similar to the old styles like FF, and Suikoden/Xenogears etc, so you might expect a
story or similar event while playing.

The mystical land which call Pritiwi has slowly began to darken.
Empires and kings have cast the once peaceful land into war.
Villages and some Kingdoms are in the worst situations due to
these warring lords. The land has started to decay and nature has fallen
into sleep. The cause is unknown, but blamed on the human
disease of war. Due to the situations many people have formed their
own protective and secret organizations, some which are thieves, and
some who conspire to one day overtake an Empire or

The land of Pritiwi, is divided by 4 Kingdoms:

1) The Kingdom of Jaal:
A kingdom which is surrounded by oceans.
A very peaceful Kingdom even in these days.
Jaal is the Kingdom of great magicians.

2) The Kingdom of Agni:
A kingdom which lies under great volcanoes.
The kingdom represents the element fire.
The kingdom of Agni is known for its great
military and for expansionist policies.

3) Kingdom of Wayu
A kingdom which lies in a
windy place, for Wayu represents wind.
The Kingdom has been in a
very bad situation lately. Wayu is often
targeted by other kingdoms due to
its weak military.

4) The Kingdom of Balu
A kingdom which lies in a very arid desert.
The kingdom represents the element of earth.
Because it is largely inaccessible, little is
known about the country of Balu.

Life hasn't been great for the Last Blades, a small group of bandits
living in Rock Village. The bandits decide one day to rob
a rich man passing by in the Outskirts. The man seems to be
delivering two boxes. Soon after opening the boxes and realizing
their content, the lives of the bandits are changed forever.
This is the tale of a young man who
must rise and solve this great catastrophe
which is about to hit Pritiwi.

I'm going to try to make the character descriptions
As simple as possible to not spoil much of the


Kyle Prime:
Age: 20
Birth: Unknown
Parents: Unknown

Kyle is the protagonist of "Tale of Blades."
A young adult who lives with a small group
of bandits called the Last Blades. Kyle
believes his birth place to be Rock Village, since
his only memories seems to be here. Kyle is
a character who doesn't not talk, but you
pic his choices. If you played Suikoden, you know
what I'm talking about.

Age: 27
Birth: Rock Village
2 Handed Swords

Being the leader of the Last Blades, George is
a very powerful character. He never seems to take
anything seriously and always throws out
lame jokes, which are effective at putting
enemies off guard. Even though he may seem
very easy-going, he holds great knowledge and

Age: 21
Birth: Jaal Kingdom

Blade is also a member of the bandit group
Last Blades. Blade is the smart kid and the
architect of many of the group's plans.
He does have an attitude of being
serious most of the time. Blade has great ability of
magic. His birthplace was in Jaal kingdom, but
all he ever remembers is Rock Village.
His real name unknown, his current
name was given to him by George after rescuing
Blade from a bear attack. He decided to
join the Last Blades after those events.

Age: ?
Lili was mysteriously found while Last Blades
were robbing for Gold. Many things are unknown
about this fairy, like where it came from,
and what it’s here for. (Until later in the game...)

More to come

Temporary Title Screen

As you can see new Mack tiles

Rock village actually looking like a Rock village now

Screen shot of how Main character talks, you pick what he says.
And how we progress.

More coming soon.

1. SideView Battle
2. Over 30 Playable/recruit-able characters each with unique differences and a story of past.
3. Player owned Castle/HQ like in Suikoden series, which changes and becomes bigger, as story
4. Main character does not talk, you pick his choices

Tankentai Sideview Battle System
Tankentai SBS Monster Battlers Project-Agevon/Sakura
Celianna's Tileset

Credits to Community Members who helped make this awesome:

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I'll be watchin'
Goodluck with everything!
Looking pretty nice, man like CC I'll be keeping my eyes on this~ :)
I'll be watchin'
Goodluck with everything!

Thank you, please do.

Looking pretty nice, man like CC I'll be keeping my eyes on this~ :)

I won't disappoint you guys :)
This game looks VERY nice.

Thanks man, I promise to not disappoint you guys.
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