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Progress Report

Taking Feedback

We've got a lot of feedback so far and much of it has been incredibly helpful, some things covering stuff we completely missed, and others are unfortunately issues we're having trouble with ourselves. There will be a lot of changes to that section based on much of the feedback we've received to make it fuller and better explained, especially since the systems can be quite confusing at first glance.

Some of the feedback is on the profile page, and for anyone who might try the game out and look for feedback or problems, I've made a post explaining a lot of the issues; either what the plans to fix them will be or what improvements will be getting made.



Alpha Demo for open testing and fun times! :D

Have finally got around to putting some stuff together for an Alpha Demo. I don't have many testers right now, so I'm just opening up the alpha demo for all to try out and hopefully I'll get any reports of problems or bugs from this. the game is fairly basic in flesh (there's little text, all straight to the point and no flavour texts, the exploration maps are smaller than they might become, that type of thing) but the skeleton is there; the tools should all work fine, as well as weapon switching, quest checking and the new fog of war effect.

As always, details and download link are on my blog:

Have fun!

Game Design

Crucial addition - fog of war!


Colonist has now been updated with a fog of war effect for the caves and dungeons. This will allow the dungeons to be small and contain lag as much as possible (considering there'll be abs and lighting scripts as well) while also maintaining the excitement to explore and discover.

Progress Report

Concept Evolved

Have continued to update the concept of the game and improved it quite some amount, as well as having restarted it over and rebuilt the into cutscene and tutorial

Updates on the official blog!


Rename & Recruiting = Restarting! (correct game profile this time)

TCE was a mini-project for me to just self-teach some different ways to play about with the system and learn. However, it got too fun; the concept I liked too much. The dungeon crawler was just a play about with variables and randomising maps, but this game is nice and simple, fun, and chilled out, being the first non-combat game I've made.

To this end, I'm recruiting people and have been replanning the game, deciding to start it fresh and make a whole new game out of it from scratch, with hopefully, the intentions to make it far better than the original mini-project I had it as.

If anyone's interested in helping out towards it or wants any other details, check out the official blog at www.pixelbrady.wordpress.com :)

Screenies and such will be uploaded down the line.
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