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A turn-based tactical RPG. Inspired by the Fire Emblem series and similar games, but with significant mechanics differences resulting in challenging gameplay not like any other tactics game's.

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  • Completed
  • DFalcon
  • RPG Tsukuru 2000
  • Tactics RPG
  • 06/09/2007 08:57 PM
  • 08/27/2014 05:56 AM
  • 06/10/2007
  • 156803
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um... i may be annoying here but this dosint have a folder that comes with it
so i cant play it!! could someone ples tell me how to play it???
You need to Un-RAR (what I like to say) it before you can play it, with WinRAR.
Currently on Battle 15 and loving every time. Expect a review of some sorts DFalcon. Fab game!
That should be minute not time lol! -_-
I hope that was a joke...it probably was judging by your avatar.
I just downloaded the game and I got to say you did a great job making the combat system that similar to Fire emblem while there isn't really any music so far as I have played I'm fine with that but i got to say some of the attacks from the 'thief' enemies in the beginning kind of look wrong....
Yeah this is definitely not a big graphics title. It's really amazing though and is one of my favorite amateur games.
I am used to just annihilating my foes and moving on, but with this, you carefully plan everything and it takes quite a bit of time.
could you like redo this game with VX graphics or something? or atleast SOME grafix. im sure it would be good but the GRAPHICS! (also i got gameover b4 my first turn. 2 solders both hit 5 3 times each dealing my full 30 hp before i even did anything (literatly) that-is-BULLSHUT
Making it possible for Nash to die on the first turn of the first battle was pretty dumb. In the game's defense, I will point out that (a) it's highly improbable (the chance of it happening is about 1/200 on normal difficulty or 1/40 on hard); (b) you can skip what intro there is with ESC so it costs you very little time; and (c) that is the only time in the game I was dumb about that.
Played and enjoyed it :) It does borrow a bit of bull$hit from Hoshigami, in that a full health unit can be killed by a single archer, but apart from that, it was a great game.
Though the story felt disjointed and forced, as if you were making it up as you went.

Edit : Played through a second time to get the other ending. The ending itself wasn't that much different, although the final battle was much easier (escorting Mase and Janner).
Game is good, but this "Pseudo-isometric-diagonal-direction-control" stuff was really bad idea!
It's just annoys and pisses off - make a tactical mistake and lose a soldier JUST BECAUSE OF WRONG BUTTON PRESSED!!!!
It's annoys - istead of enjoying the game, carefully think - "Which button i must press NOW ????"
ENEMIES must be the challenge - NOT THE CONTROLS!!!
But, game is good!
I want to see "Aurora wing 2", "Aurora wing 3" and more...
BUT!!! - I want to play them in classic "Up is Up" control!!! (And not only me)
Two things that would probably help you: You can cancel a move if you haven't finished it yet with ESC or X; and you can change the orientation (whether up moves up-left or up-right) in Options in the end-turn menu.

Thanks for the support, though, and I do keep that comment in mind for the future.

I'd totally recommend this game to anyone who felt like trying it.

You know, the best part about this game is that it's so much FUN to play.
I really like turn-based strategy games, and I was very satisfied with this one.
The characters were really likeable too. It made me want to see them more.
(I, for example, will always feel sorry that Martin and Rupp couldn't get any girls. What was the problem, I wonder? They seemed nice enough. I'll always suspect they didn't wash their teeth or something)
I liked Rodd (I much prefer route A to route B because of the ending he got), I liked Rifan, Chad, Remi...I liked all the characters, really. (I loved Vane for shallow gameplay reasons. A healer that's also an archer! YES!)
It was a short game, but I could get a very distinct idea of what they were like, so I think you did a great job writing these characters.
The only place this game is not so awesome is in the plot development.
the boss for route A felt so impersonal. Who is he? It would be much more satisfying to defeat him if he were somebody we cared about. Route B has a distinct baddie, somebody specific who did something specific to the party, so one can feel happy sending Rodd and Rifan to hack him to bits

I know nothing about programming, so I can only guess at the hours you must have spent working on this, I bet they were a lot, and I wouldn't want to sound as if I were disrespecting your hard work or anything. I point out the only noticeable flaw in an otherwise really cool gaming experience.

I will really look forward to your next games. (A sequel to Aurora Wing would be nice ^^)
This is an awesome game. Can't really say much, since everyone except Nash and Petra got slaughtered in Battle 4, and Sarah died easily in battle 5, so I haven't really gotten far. But, yeah. It's still and awesome game, I'm very impressed with it.
And the ability to summon the "Office Whores" to deal damage to the enemies.
You can't call this an amateur game.
Cuz it's a professional game!
meisam your not using semicolon properly, and that's a laughing matter.
man that was quite a good game, I enjoyed it a lot thank you :)
You're welcome, thanks for playing!
Incredible, you,re still around DFalcon?
6 years after finishing that game...

Well, I found there was a difficulty curve. The graphics were plenty good to let the gameplay shine. It's because I had fun with your game that I later discovered Fire Emblem.
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